29 Jan 2011

Kitty 5: Burn's Night

So here they celebrate Burn's Night. Pretty much they do it whichever day they want but it does actually fall on the 25th of January. Well... For all those temptations out there here is a kitty to hark back to traditions!

You may be thinking, no she didn't, she couldn't have... I did! It is a
WW kitty in a kilt!

Complete with a clasp.... and yes this kitty is like all true scots wearing kilts
(if you don't get the reference I am sorry this is a family safe blog)

Fuzzy Tail!! Well I didn't want to do the normal tail, it seemed a bit off.
So I made a pompom then fluffed it out with my pet slicker!

I do realize the buckle is on the "wrong side" but to tell you when I made the
kilt the kitty was facing the other way. Bad kitty.

At this angle it looks like it is hiding in this kilt rather then wearing it!

Close up of the eyelet and clasp I put on the kilt.

25 Jan 2011

Inspiration: Fabric, Beads, Yarn; A WIP: Clutch and Border Collie; and WIP: Spinning

I figured instead of 3 posts I would put them all into one HUGE post!

These are discounted bits of fabric! I see a bag lining or pillow backing
in their futures.

Oh glorious beads! I love my two turtles and chinese face paper bead!

Isn't that just beautiful!

That cookie yarn clutch is coming along nicely!

October's Rogue Adventures Colorway, spinning up nicely.

This is the silvery steampunk Yak, Silk, Merino blend!

Start of the border collie!

22 Jan 2011

Find the Difference

For those who like Spot the Difference puzzles here is one for you!

The difference between the two balls of yarn not the two pictures.

Got it?
One was spun on my spindolyn (so no weight on the fibre) and one was spun on my drop spindle. The one on the spindolyn is fluffy and looks like it will fall apart the other is sturdy. This is superwash merino... and I am never spinning with it again!

Kitty 4: WW kit and Pedometer!

So this week's kitty was inspired by the "at home" kit that Weight Watchers offers for you to buy. I got a pedometer as well! I did not make the weight to do the kitty for this week and next week is a special kitty!

It is sitting on the pedometer box that has been cut up to make a "kit" looking box. And there is a small pedometer on the side of it.

Different lights to show off the colors!

You can see the small pedometer on its side.

And now the side shots!

Want to see the box before I glued it on?

Box was designed based off of: Elliott C. Evans

18 Jan 2011

Inspiration: Artesano Alpaca and Pattern

So, I think by now most reader's of this blog know how much in love I am with June Gilbank's designs. I do love many Amigurumi websites and patterns and I am constantly finding new and fun ones. However, June has come out with a pattern I can not pass up. Upon the request of my mother I have acquired June's new AmiDog Border Collie pattern (Ravelry Link)! Why? Well, we have a lovely border collie named Betsy. Miss Betsy came to us through a very tight rescue. She was going to be put down that day and we drove from WV to KY to save her mere hours before she was to be put down. I will be adding to June's design a small embroidered collar. I am still figuring that one out...

Such a beauty! Miss Betsy Christmas 2010.

The yarn I am going to use is one of my favorites! The Artesano Alpaca.

And the collar? Scappa to the rescue!
The green on the top right will be the collar! I will use my
crochet thread to embroider her name on it! I need to find a small buckle.
I think I know a store just for that ;) If not I have a back up store.

Done: Acrylic Beanie

I finished the lovely acrylic hat I was working on to go with the acrylic scarf I was working on. The scarf is still being finished off but this is the hat. It is a lovely pattern that is used to make hats for the troops, it was simple enough for me to finish. It is also my first time using DPNs! Yup, I have gotten over my fear of them, keeping me from doing socks and a number of patterns!

Looks pretty good to me.

16 Jan 2011

Ceramic Wall Tile and a Thank you

Thank you to all the lovely people who have been commenting on my WW Kitties! Your support is treasured! Thank you also to Itsy Bitsy Spider (Karla) who featured my story on her blog. I am very thankful! My WW button on the side bar now is linked to her blog. I use her pattern and when I do my weight kitties *the ones that have and will have numbers on them* I have to expand on the middle.

Also, a big thank you to all those people who read my blog, either by visiting or reading on blog readers! It is fun to see where everyone is from who reads my blog. I never thought it would be this well read (well well for me). I hope to keep bringing you fun fibre projects and fun things in the years to come!

Now, I believe in fate. I own  two ferrets (also pictured on the side of my blog). When I find anything ferret I can not resist. So when I walked into my favorite tea shop yesterday I was just browsing. The lady there makes wall tiles. Guess what she made one of? Oh yes, a ferret! I beamed and said I had to have it! Thank you Skye Tiles for bringing a smile to my face.

See he is smiling as well!

Kitty 3: Say Good-Bye to Soda!!

I have now replaced most of the soda I drink with water and tea! I love the Volvic water that is flavored, so the switch is easily made. I am at 114kg, one more to go for me to get my first milestone on WWs. When I do get there, another one of my "weight" kitties will show up!

This kitty put me behind a little in posting and so did an illness that put me out of commission yesterday. But not to worry, my WWs was kept in place and this kitty is so bright and cheery it did really help lift my spirits!

I just love the color changes in the mini-skiens! Such a surprise!
That little bottle is of water, it has a little french knitted piece in it to look
like water! See below for close ups of it!

Other Views:

This little bit of french knitting went into the bottle.

I am getting good at miniatures!

14 Jan 2011

WIP: Spinning Lessons --Singles

This is what is on the spindolyn today!

I am loving the color changes in this fibre!

WIP: Acrylic Beanie

This beanie is using the acrylic yarn from the scarf to make a matching beanie!

I got small circular needles so I can do this project well!

Inspiration: Let's Knit Cookie Yarn

I am not one for liking yarn that is artsy, bobbles, puffs and pompoms just are not my thing. Well, for my Let's Knit January issue I got this yarn. It reminds me of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream which is my favorite! So let's just say it has grown on me and it is pretty neat. Now what to do with it...

P.S. My other gifts from Let's Knit, November and December, were Bamboo knitting needles, Warm weather booklet, a crochet hook, and 3 balls of yarn for granny squares. I may get them in their own post soon but if not I at least mentioned them here.


I bought from K-mart (ok so my mom bought it for me :D), a child's over the door organizer. Why not a shoe organizer? Well, a kid's one has different sized pockets. Which is perfect for bigger things of fibre like my fibre club bundles. It can hang almost anywhere. This one will eventually go on the front of my wardrobe, but right now its in front of my window.

My curtains make it look like I live in a hotel... But you can see
the multiple sized pockets. It is much fuller now.

Done: Skein -- Red Velvet

The bottom skein is 2 ply, the top 3 are all singles which will stay that way. I am letting them rest before the become something very pretty indeed.

This should be really fun to work with in the future!

Inspiration: Artesano Aran

So I do have a green skein of Artesano Aran (Dawn). Now I own another skein of green, one of pink (Sunrise), and one for brown (Oak). I will be putting the pink and brown together in a project. The greens will be a lovely hat/scarf/handwarmer combo.

Inspiration: Rogue Adventures October Fibre Club!

This lovely bit of fibre is from the October colorway. It did not come in before I left for holiday. So now I have it to spin up! I am soo excited about it!

It is 4oz of Merino Silk! So beautiful for October (my birth month).

8 Jan 2011

Kitty 2: "Rocker" Shoes and flip flops

If you live in the USA then you have seen the commercials for the new Danskin "rocker" or tone up shoes that don't make you look stupid. Also, Champion from Payless has flipflops out. Although near me I had to buy the "sample" ones. So no 10s in the immediate area of me! They are lime green and black. Since I walk everywhere then these will be great editions to my weight loss. Toning up while walking is awesome! Plus I have to stand a lot for my PhD so having these will help with my bad posture. They feel like they force you to stand up straight!

So to show off my new commitment to exercising while not knowing it I have made my 2nd kitty!!

PS. I have lost a little weight since last week I am now 115kg (about 1 lbs for those in the USA) and I found SLIMFAST in the UK!! I love the shakes! I am so excited to be able to get them for my on the go moments (which lets face it we don't make the best choices when out). One thing I like about WWs you can have that cake or whatever your weakness, you just have to plan it into your points. You are meant to lose 2lbs (or 0.5-1.0kg) per week, this is a lifestyle change.

And here are the shoes before I put them on:
It has PPK on it for my website. Although Photokitty is only
one word most people put it as 2 so I gave in after 11 years!

Isn't it just cute?!

Now the flip flop!

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