22 Feb 2012

For Charity

I am having items put in my shop for charity. That's right all of them are for charity which means that all the money made from them (minus the shipping) will be going to 4 animal charities. (It will be split evenly). A link to my shop is in the top bar! Click on the CHARITY tab on the side to see all those for sale.

The four charities are:
1. Scottish RSPCA -- I know they need the help
The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA) is Scotland's animal welfare charity. Our objectives are to prevent cruelty to animals and encourage kindness and humanity in their treatment. As an animal welfare charity, we receive no government or lottery funding and rely on public donations to continue our vital work rescuing and rehoming Scotland's abandoned, neglected and defenceless animals. Scottish SPCA inspectors and animal rescue officers save thousands of domestic, farm and wild animals from harm and danger every year, while our vets and staff in our wildlife and animal rescue and rehoming centres look after, rehabilitate and rehome thousands more.

2. Cats Protection League -- Dunbar and District
Throughout the UK, Cats Protection have been rescuing and rehoming abandoned cats and kittens since 1927. We currently re-home over 60,000 cats every year. This is only possible through making use of our 29 purpose built shelters and volunteer fosterers, the majority of whom also help with fundraising with one of our 260 local branches and shops, also run by volunteers. Cats Protection's main aims are as follows:
To rescue stray and unwanted cats and kittens
To rehabilitate and re-home them wherever possible
To promote neutering of all cats and kittens not required for breeding purposes
To inform the public on the care of cats and kittens

3. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home 
Since it was founded in 1883 The Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home has been caring for lost and abandoned dogs and cats. We try, whenever possible, to find new and loving homes for all our animals and are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We aim to show that pet ownership, although challenging at times, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. We take in over a thousand stray and unwanted dogs and cats each year and we aim never to turn away any dog or cat brought to us for help. We have a non-destruct policy and we try to make the lives of all our animal residents as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible while they are with us. All our dogs and cats are well cared for and are given a nice, comfortable bed in heated accommodation with plenty of food, vet care and , most importantly, lots of love and attention from our staff.

4. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
It costs over £10 million a year to care for all the dogs and cats that come into the Home. We make sure each and every animal receives the highest quality of veterinary and behavioural treatment and assistance to help to find it a new start with the perfect family. The Home provides a variety of choices for animal shelter donations - a one-off donation online or by post or a regular gift by direct debit or through 'Give as you Earn'.  Further information is available on the left. Whichever way you choose, thank you! Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board and adheres to a policy of fairness and honesty in all money-raising activities.

Anything that is under this is labeled as CHARITY as the first word. All of it is for the actual items! I will be putting up specific charity donations (so if you want to donate more to a specific one in the same order). Just to restate: I will not earn any profit, also any overage of charge for shipping even if its 1p I will refund to you via paypal. These have no end date and will stay in my shop, so if you cannot donate now don't worry!

There are also a few things in there for sale and they are on a major sale. They need to go so I can list my new stuff in March!!

20 Feb 2012

19 Feb 2012

Podcast Delayed

I will be delaying my podcast by one day due to things I will discuss tomorrow in my podcast. If you follow me on Plurk you will already know the reason. Thank you for your patience.


13 Feb 2012

Shetland Spinning

Episode 33: Trying new things

Show Notes
Investment for the Future
Highland Handmades Red Oak Roving -- Babydoll Southdown “Dark Oatmeal” 
Beagin -- Sapphire Set
String Theory
Babushka doll from Mollie Makes
Greenwood Fiberworks Bountiful -- 28.50 yds
Camel/Colorimetry -- 50.70 yds
Fibernymph Dye Works SF Merino Hijinx -- 128.25 yds
North Star Alpacas Cascina RoseGray Alpaca & Merino Blend -- 42.38 yds
Highland Handmade White Spruce Top “Peacock” main -- 49.44 yds
Highland Handmade White Spruce Top “Peacock” mini -- 7.79 yds
Caliope’s Fibre Bollywood 1 “Yellow” -- 3.66 yds
Caliope’s Fibre Bollywood 2 “Pink/Blue” -- 18.38 yds
Colorimetry Massam White "Blues” -- 6.42 yds
Fondant Fibre Corriedale “Blue” -- 75.00 yds
Juno Fibre Arts Silk “Blue Purple” -- 24.16 yds
HilltopCloud “Light Rainbow” 70% Shetland 30% Tussah silk -- 47.25 yds
Ceaberry Haberdashery “Sea Gems” Mixed -- 41.81 yds
Highland Handmade Pitch Pine Top “Katahdin” -- 215.83 yds
ITW January 2012 Shetland “Snow angel with an Ood” -- 66.46 yds
Old Maiden Aunt Black Shetland and Tussah Silk “Decadence” -- 50.88 yds
SockPixie Merino “Tartan” -- 63.25 yds
Testing the Hypothesis
Crafty-logical Implications
Tour of my Craft Room and Flat
Bedlam Theatre -- Snow, Glass, Apples -- They say that history is written by the victors. But the truth is something darker, messier and far, far more sinister. A wonderfully dark and adult retelling of the fairytale adapted from the short story by Neil Gaiman.
Podcast Mentions

Other Mentions

2 Feb 2012

Let's Be Honest about my Fibre Stash

Oh yes, I did it. I documented ALL my fibre.

Let's cringe and put down the numbers:
I have 66 individual things of fibre.
That is not all 2oz things (normally its more lol)
So in weight it is 3,972g (3.972kg), 140.11oz, or 8.76lbs.

That looks bad, doesn't it?  I am still doing my stash down, with my yarn and fiber so let us look at those numbers for January.

For fibre,  I have done  481.92 yards plied (1320.51yds singles),  that was 685g, 24.16oz, or 1.51lb.  So my stash is not quite as big as it looks.

For knitting and crochet,  I have done 748yds. That is about to have a big jump in numbers for this month. So I am working along steadily. It still says I have to do 517.56yds a week (yeah not going to happen but thats ok).

So everything is still mostly on track and now I have some good news I will divulge on the podcast on sunday!!
Colorways Spun in 2012: A colorway = Every 2oz

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