28 Nov 2010

WIP: Acrylic Scarf

That stash yarn I mentioned earlier has become a sideways knitted scarf... I thought I was doing a pattern in it but apparently it doesn't want to show it. There are 376 stitches in this scarf! The stitch markers show where there should be a slight pattern change, but alas it hates me. The knitting needles are 8mm with an 80cm or 32" cord. I am on row 11 right now and I haven't used up the first skein of this stuff. It is so rough to work with and doesn't flow nicely. Since there are so many stitches I have switched from English (or thrower) style to Continental style knitting. Another reason is that it makes your knitting looser (using up yarn faster). Hope to get this done in the next few days!


Found a new online yarn shop!

Normally, I mention purchases online that I make so my readers can know a reputable company from a bad one. Well I found myself another UK online shop that ships internationally! I ordered more of my Valentine yarn, since the red bobble hat used most of it. The shop I found still selling this "out of season" dye lot was Addicted 2 Knitting. I purchased the yarn on the 21st of November, it was shipped on the 22nd and arrived in the USA on the 26th! how much did I pay for this 4 day shipping? £2.50. Yeah I know, I fell off my chair too! They are based in Oxfordshire and I know I have them ear marked for when I return to the UK!!

23 Nov 2010

Done: Red Bobble Hat

So... I made this hat for my mother! I started it and finished it in one day. It is a simple bobble (puff stitch) hat with a headband of ribbed stitch. I had many fun things with this hat, from decreasing in hook size, to decreasing with the puff stitch, to redoing a too large head AFTER the piece was finished. Enjoy!

I decreased the hook size as I went along. I started with a 6.5 and went down to a 3.5 hook. Then increased it to a 6.5 in the last few rows of bobbles and I did a decrease in the puff stitch by skipping 1 ch-1 space until the end. I ended with 1 puff stitch at the top which does not show the “last round” of the hat.
I had made the headband too big for my mom’s head. So after the project is done I took out the rows in the headband, the puff stitches stay in place surprisingly. I took out over 12 rows! then I sewed it back together and sewed the puff stitches that were loose on the wrong side and with the slouchy style of the hat it hides the alteration completely.
So if you need to to alterations it is possible and it isnt too hard!

13 Nov 2010

A not so proud stash yarn...

I have recently acquired a bit of stash yarn in which makes me a bit dubious to post it here... It is acrylic. *Audible gasps heard from people who know me* But this isn't my yarn it was given to me.

12 Nov 2010

WIP: Spinning Lessons --Silk

So I have now the silk I received in my spinning kit spun onto a toilet paper tube for its resting period.

So shiny...

New Fiber

So, long time no write on my part. Thank you to the one other person who has commented on my blog. Only when uploading the backup to my blog here to Wordpress did I see it.

On with the goodies. I got these fibers in from the PHAT fibre October sampler that were "left over." I love Steampunk so I couldn't resist. From Hampton Artistic Yarns and Nachwoolie.

So... I kind of don't know which one goes with which description. You can tell a few of them but I will post them as I figure it out... Any ideas?

This is from Hampton Artistic Yarns. So beautiful! 

Isn't it just golditastic! I love it! From Natchwoolie

7 Nov 2010

In the States

Just an update to say I am in the United States for a while. However, being the crafty person I am I brought  as many as I can! AND I have my lovely fiber here to spin. I will be posting pictures and details of those later on this weekend! I will be updating as I can and hopefully be showing you the exciting things I am working on and completing! Hope everyone is getting ready for the Holidays to come.

2 Nov 2010

My Mini-Skein Empire!

My mini-skein empire is growing! Obsessed with these little darlings. They are being set aside for a secret empire building project!

Bask in their greatness and absolute cuteness!!
What are they really for? making different colored toes and heels on socks.

New Tools

I hoard updates and I have been too busy to add these new tools:

Yeah, boring cable needles... BUT when I add my library page
you'll see why these are fun!

Yup, pins for blocking, the ones I used for a scarf
 *shakes head* disappointing. But John Lewis to the rescue!

New Inspiration

I know in the last post I put up some inspiration yarn... Here is some more I didn't have to wind!

This has a special purpose I can't indulge yet! These are Scottish yarns.

The colors kinda give it away but you'll never guess what will become of these.

Ball Winding and Inspirations

Along with winding MORE balls of yarn, some of them are new inspiration yarns!! Lets pull out the beauties to show you:

Remember these previous yarns?

Yup, they are in strange outer pull balls. No longer!!

Forgot about this? I did... until now!
Now for the new ones:

So soft, and just wonderful.

I know what you're thinking, isn't this a chunkier version of the one above.
No... *cough* I would never do that...

Darker version of the ones above... Not at all.
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