22 Dec 2011

Knitting in the New Year

So I have been planning, and since I am going to Luxembourg today I needed some knitting/crochet projects. Why? Well... I found myself in a unique position. I have nothing left on the needles! Yup. After I slipped that Owl Scarf off my needles and laid it to block out (which btw was a waste of time to get it to stop from curling!!) I had nothing else on my needles. Well I did, but ripped it got (Log cabin Blanket is no more and so is the Mitred Sock Blanket). I found myself without knitting or crochet for my plane rides, car rides and time at LBF's house! So what did I do?? I reorganized my stash, documented ALL of it except most of the mini-skeins and fiberholics/phat fiber. They will be done after I get back but it wasn't needed for this trip so I didn't waste my time (and after not being able to find my passport for an hour I ran out of time).

I have endeavoured to knit from my stash, spin from my fibre, dye the things up for my shop, make jewellery and stitch markers, weave some of my more difficult to knit yarn, and knit from my favorites, queue, and books in Ravelry.

Let's try some statistics shall we? Don't run away I have already done all the numbers:

How many skeins have I put into Ravelry (Mini-skeins sometimes are small skeins of their original so they would be ie. 0.1 of a skein): 220.21 skeins

How many have I used: 92.98 skeins
Really? hmmm if you say I have then I guess I have...

Now for some brass tacks: 
Total Yards/Meters Stashed: 47,822.1 yds/43,728.4 m
Remaining Skeins: 127.23 skeins plus mini skeins
Remaining Yards/Meters: 40,400.8 yds/36,942.1 m
What's that in Miles/Kilometres: 22.96 mi/36.94 km

How much I have actually used in Yards/Meters: 7,421.3 yds/6,786.3 m
In percentages that means I have knit/crocheted: 15.5% of my stashed yarn

Now I ripped out the Diagonal Blanket and Log cabin after these numbers but they are minimal.

Can we stop to appreciate that I will have knit 23 MILES if I knit my entire stash as of right now...
Also, this includes hand-spun that has been listed on the Ravelry page so these numbers will change! However, most of my hand-spun is actually crocheted up!

So what shall I do with this information?
Well since in the last year and a half I have only knit/crocheted 4.2 mi/6.8 km I doubt it would be a reasonable goal to knit my ENTIRE stash I hope to get my percentages up to 50% of stashed yarn. I have no idea what will enter into my stash this next year but trust me it is going to be selective and probably mostly fibre. Since my loom has come about it will be a great way to use up yarn that proves too "unique" to knit/crochet up. I understand now why crocheting lead to knitting lead to spinning lead to dyeing lead to weaving.

Ok, back to my story of going to Luxembourg. I now am the proud queuer upper of 7 new patterns:
(All of these are in the side bar on the raillery app)

  1. Hitchhiker using Wollmeise -- Petit Poison Nr. 5
  2. Citron using Malabrigo -- Cadmium 7
  3. Citron using Malabrigo -- Loro Barranquero 176
  4. Critron using Wollmeise Lace Garn -- Feldmaus
  5. Tunisian Sampler Afghan out of left overs from some special projects (and some of that ghastly "unique" yarn you get in Let's Knit Magazine)
  6. Tunisian Mitered Throw (Yeah, I know I know) using the mini-skeins
  7. Ostrich Feather Fandango using Schoppel-Wolle Lace -- Fuchsienbeet 1536
All but #5 is going with me to be casted on in Luxembourg! There are crochet and knitting patterns mixed in and I will be excited to get these started and start building up what's on my needles!!

Hope you all have wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!

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