26 Apr 2013

So much to do...

So I know it has been a few weeks since you have heard from me last. I am busy behind the scenes doing loads of things for the move back to the USA. Why so soon you might ask? Well, we are actually now leaving at the end of May. My shop will still have everything (including new things) half priced until July 31st.

So let's break it down:


  • Evenstar
    • Oh evenstar how you will never end! As of writing this i am on row 66 of 72 for the main body then its 3000 beads and 56 repeats later and should be off my needles.
  • Still light is in HIBERNATION
  • Cardigan for Mr. Native Farmer -- hibernating until Evenstar is DONE.
  • 2 linen/cotton hats (Jared Flood's Turn a square) in blue are DONE
  • A Wind and Coil slouchy hat in the Franklin colorway DONE
  • Plans for many more projects in the future.
  • I finished many of my singles and I have dyed some new fibre to spin up (like I needed more right??).
  • Plans on dividing up the yarn and seeing how much I need to spin in the next 30 days!
Yeah, for those who are interested I am in my Results Chapter (thats 5 out of 8), with a submission deadline of March next year.

  • Stitch Markers
    • I will be making some more stitch markers in the near future, including snagless, sea glass, and fun sets.
  • Fibre
    • I will be holding off on fibre and batts for now... more on that later.
  • Yarn
    • I have some EXCITING new bases and some good old standbys in spring/summer colorways! Look for those later next week.
  • Hand-spun
    • I will be putting up my hand-spun for sale periodically.
  • SALE!!! There is a 50% off sale already on everything in my shop and if you are a member of the ravelry group you'll find a further code for more off. 

So that is what has been happening behind the scenes... now just to let you know that today it has been hailing (yes HAILING) on and off today and there are two videos below to prove it.

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