26 Dec 2012

Episode 70: Boxing day

Show Notes:
Three Irish Girls -- Wendy Darling
Loop -- Gilly Flower
Wool Gatherings -- Shetland Sampler

Still Light
Greta The Captivating Cat

My craft room lap quilt cross stitch -- Link

Boxing Day fun

So I have recorded a new podcast that should be up in about an hour. Today is Boxing day in the UK and I just wanted to do some updating!

Let's start with spinning... Mr. Native Farmer (if you would like to know why I call him this it is at the bottom of this post) is getting hand-spun socks! I have spun the whole sampler of the Shetland from Wool Gatherings. Then I am going to ply it with the Artesano Alpaca.

Next up is the loop batt... Gilly Flower

This is the outer color since I did as a centre pull roving...

This is me this morning!

Do you see the kitty? Poor thing out in the rain!

Christmas dinner:

Simba after unwrapping his gift of a catnip Duckie from KONG. he LOVES them!

He is called Mr. Native Farmer because he is a Farm hand in WV near where I used to live. He was born and raised there so he is native.

21 Dec 2012

In the end there was the beginning

Today at 11:11am UTC time the world was supposed to end... as you can see, that is not the case. But as all things the Mayans predicted the end of the "long count" and the beginning of it again. They did make it a wheel after all. So I am taking a page from the Mayans and starting anew. I will be motivating myself to bring the blog back to its glory it used to have (yeah I know it wasn't that glorious to start with but it has been neglected). As you see I already face-lifted the blog's layout.

My videocast I will try to record 2 times a month or more depending on time constraints. It will include my artwork and a bit about my life. My blog will be focused on both those aspects. I have a few things I am doing right now that I would love to share with family and friends and the communities I am involved with on the internet.

That being said, I am one of those people who hints at where I live and if you live in Edinburgh it is quite easy to figure out roughly the area I live in. However, you are going to see more around Edinburgh and the fun adventures that will be starting here in 2 months!!

So what did I do on the last/first day of the world??

I knit. Yeah I know, how exciting!!

So let's step back for a few minutes shall we and I will show you other things I worked on, because they lead to my most recent project.

Let's start with the Lined Beanie for Mr. Native Farmer:
The first attempt was a fail but after some finagling I got it to fit.

This is it too large

And reknitted to fit better:

Next I moved... Figured out my alarming amount of handspun... Now I am going to knit with it and my other yarn stash!

So in steps the Rainbow Tapestry Scarf made from my Rogue Adventures BFL September 2010 Fibre Club so that is DEEP Stash! It is a simple feather and fan scarf!

Going on the handspun kick I chose to buy the Commercial version of the Drop Stitch Scarf so I can sell what I make from the pattern. However, this one is made out of my Highland Handmades Katahdin yarn and is MINE!!! Well Mr. Native Farmer told me to keep it so I did.

Onwards, I once again used some stash... Now this is my Easyknits.co.uk BFL roving: Nordic night sky. It was two different skeins and I am making Greta the Captivating Cat

The body is done and started on an arm!

Phew! I know right?? But my commercial yarn project is Still Light Tunic. I just passed the point for the pockets and have about 8 more inches on Stst and then 2in in Ribbing. Then the pockets and sleeves and DONE!! 

Now for those of you who actually want to see me working (like my mother) here is a pic to prove to you I do still work on my PhD: 


I am of course a PhD Human Osteoarchaeologist and I do look at human remains for my thesis. The picture below is a picture of a human femur (the lower end) and the picture on my computer is the property of The University of Edinburgh.

So moving on from there... Who is Mr. Native Farmer??
That would be my new boyfriend. Yup, a friend of mine that has been my friend for 10 years (we met in High School). We have been dating close to 3 months and he is joining me here at the end of February for 5 months!! (It will be his first plane trip so this should be hilarious!)

See the hat fits!! Got there right before the HUGE storm that came in today in the USA.

Now that I know his cheeks are now fully red... let's move on to Mr. Simba. I just recently had him weighed and he has lost 600g (1.1 lbs)! That is where the good news stops. He went to the vet and they tried to shave his neck then take blood, THREE technicians later they couldn't do that so he was not a happy kitty. I have now moved vets because he never had a problem with vets before and his previous vet is now REALLY far away (a 40min taxi ride). But, for some cuteness here he is:

Have you ever seen a cat have his paws like this?!

After his visit to the vet... I think he is hung over...

So there we go for now. A very large post and there will be more here in the near future. I am doing a stash down in the new year and I will be continuously working on my stash.

I have spun up my Loop Batt and I am working on my Shetland Sampler (making socks but that is another post for another day). Have a great holiday everyone and I will post soon!!

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