15 Jan 2013

A little bit of fun

I have been very busy lately BUT my knitting and spinning has not suffered! If you want to see any of this in person look out for the episode coming up this weekend!!

I finished Mr. Native Farmer's socks in 4 days!! Hand-spun and hand-knit wool and alpaca socks to keep him warm here in Edinburgh.

 As I mentioned, Simba has been poorly since last Thursday. Happy to report he is doing just fine now and is back to his good old mischievous self.

Simba was like, do you see the snow??

 Or maybe he was smelling the package from American Soda that my mother sent me!! YAY!! Presents!

 Our tiny dusting of snow!!

And today:
I got a package from the United States!! It has actually been in Edinburgh since December 28th... But since Mr. Native Farmer forgot to put my Flat number on it they said they couldn't deliver it...

Inside was my Christmas presents: Gloves, a carved squirrel, a necklace, Hershey's Cocoa, and... well the last "and" is a surprise!!

 Oh and there was a hoodie in that smelled like wood smoke of my LBFs house!!

Now for Spinning:

This is my spinning is from HilltopCloud.co.uk. It is 60% Shetland, 30% Merino, 10% Seacell.

Simba says: What about the other things you have been knitting??

 If you haven't guessed my LBFs real name is Dana, I made him a cowl so you can see who it belongs to FROM SPACE!!

He likes Ninja Turtles Donatello:

Being my first colorwork for real, it was way too small. So I steeked it and add a tunisian crochet knit stitch panel. It made a great fix up and now its nice and warm!!

This pile is Still light... Still working on the same section.

 Well that is me for now! I hope to be doing some more PhD stuff, yay... I have a meeting with my Second Advisor tomorrow and now that I got the house cleaned (Simba had a leaking problem so everything had to be cleaned every day for 4 days straight) I can work my bum off! Well off for now to do some work!

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