1 Aug 2011

Say hello to West Virginia, Frank!!

So my LB visited my home in WV, that is 4,000 miles and a very long 14 hour plane flight and 4 1/2 hour drive from the airport to where I live!! Oh yes, there will be pictures of him... loads actually, he just can't get out of the camera's view and a few videos of the Cass Scenic Railroad!! Enjoy!!

Its a train!!

Its the same train!!

Ok not the same train!


That be Applebees!

Oh lookie it Dories in Marlinton! So worth the food!!

Unflattering Frank, really. Did you need my bum in a shot with the words Chassie?

The Cass Scenic Railroad Depot!
Little known fact: I used to work there :D (they call me chainsaw)

Picture of the track

Chugga Chugga!

Choo! Choo!

Having fun?

Yup it be Cass!

No the steam/soot doesn't hurt the trees, see how green they are?

Look at that beauty!

Aww they just painted it too!

Good old Whittaker station!

Chinese Palace in Lewisburg!

Food Lion, White Sulphur Springs!

Is that a turkey?! In July??

Oh heck yes it is!!

And that be Thanksgiving in July folks!

Sooo Yummy. FYI: That my father Randy.

Time to say good-bye to Frank.


Sarah Beth misses him sooo much!

Is that for Raccoon??

Hmm... Guess I needed a cold one after that!

LOL. I hope you enjoyed this first part of the crazy!!

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