1 Aug 2011

Animals and Home-Grown Weirdness!

Welcome to View from my home in WV.

Oh, and this one too.

Lovely stream here.

Raging river of a stream.

Them hills are VA hills.

Is that deer?

Yup, thats deer.

Say hi to Priscilla!

Our fatty catty *snickers*

Uh Oh she heard me!!

Aeo her brother doesn't care...

Neither does the other brother, Satch.

Oh, run quick while she isn't looking!

RIP: Sockers you had a good life!

Hi Ms. DC.

Er... the best shot I could get of Gretchen, she HATES cameras

Yes Mr. Satch?

Oh, What is it Aeo??

Can anyone see the cat in this photo??

Nope, I can't see him either!

Hi, Mama kitty.

And Orange Kitten


You want some attention too?




That was hard to get!

Even harder!

Sleep time already?

Satch and Sarah Beth you are USELESS!!

Well it is Rupperts bum and Willows head!

Brother and Sisterly love!

Yup frank she got you trapped now!

Geesh he is fat.

Told you Frank...

Sarah Beth that's not nice to take his attention away from me!!

Yes I am talking to you!

Help me Betsy!!



Hi Ms. DC!

Ok I will leave you alone!

Misty morning with bales of hay now!

Are those seedless tomatoes?


Hope you enjoyed this instalment! More to come!!

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