11 Mar 2013

Best laid plans...

Sigh... yeah yeah I know. I will be podcasting this week, and a small update for the yarn festival. I will be outside at the beginning and about midday video recording my podcast!! (I wont be recording stall holders and the like due to the fact I know not all of them appreciate it so I will outside the venue (or in the lobby if the weather stays how it says it will) so come by and say hi or find me drooling over all the goodies). If you live in the area I am part of the Town Mouse Knitting group and we will be having our meeting on Thursday at I heart cafe in Leith. I am easily recognizable from my photos here on my blog and with the 6 ft tall red-headed shadow I will have for the day. If you see him alone he comes when called "Dana."

So... besides that I have been working on things I swear! Here is a quick list:
1. Joris Dr Who Version
2. Baby hat (finished)
3. Evenstar
4. Still Light
5. Tunisian Crochet Shawl
6. Staggered Rib Scarf (finished)
7. Loads of spinning!!

So I do have things to talk about and getting time to record with PhD stuff and showing my LBF around Edinburgh has been hard!

Oh... it snowed in Edinburgh about 2 inches over 2 days. Hopefully the weather man is wrong about Saturday but it might be classic Edinburgh weather.

Again one more time:

OK so those in Edinburgh in March come down on the 16th of March for the first annual EDINBURGH YARN FESTIVAL!!!

Shameless plug, since I am one of the resident fibre artists/podcasters here I will be there almost all day but do not come to see me only! The line up is AMAZING and I hope to see everyone there and have a few fan girl moments of my own! (if you do not know what I look like click on the profile link, that's me!) Hope to see you there!
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