6 Dec 2010

Coming up in the week!

I have not been hiding from the blogging world, just hiding from the mountain of gifts I still need to make. I am working on a sideways scarf for my mother that is NOT going as planned... now on its 5th revision. Hopefully I can finish the spinning of those little bonbons of fibre, since I think I did figure it out which went with what label. What shall I do with these mini skeins?? Well... I think it will go towards my leap into putting clothing on my amigurumi. Speaking of which, I bought new patterns from Owlishy and they are just the challenge I need. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals, but I will be branching out... it has something to do with my mini skein army I was amassing. So, I will be updating my to-do list to the right, updating my projects page, and other fun things in the next week. A more detailed list will be in the next post (if you do care, thank you for caring!) I have been highly neglectful but that is all going to change. PLUS I will be working on my PhD (don't tell my advisor) and more news on that one later! I am still in the USA and the snow has got me stuck in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. Hope all your holiday preparations are going well!!

Since I can't do a post this long without a photograph:

Not a trick this is one of our cats named Priscilla.
We had given her away as a kitten but she came back to us... like this.
She is wonderful and loves my room!

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