28 Nov 2010

WIP: Acrylic Scarf

That stash yarn I mentioned earlier has become a sideways knitted scarf... I thought I was doing a pattern in it but apparently it doesn't want to show it. There are 376 stitches in this scarf! The stitch markers show where there should be a slight pattern change, but alas it hates me. The knitting needles are 8mm with an 80cm or 32" cord. I am on row 11 right now and I haven't used up the first skein of this stuff. It is so rough to work with and doesn't flow nicely. Since there are so many stitches I have switched from English (or thrower) style to Continental style knitting. Another reason is that it makes your knitting looser (using up yarn faster). Hope to get this done in the next few days!


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