30 Sep 2010

WIP: Lacey Scarf

This is using the Like Lace stitch. K1, yo, *K2tog, yo* until 3 stitches left then K2tog, K1. Need even number of stitches. It is beautiful with this yarn.

Inspiration: Three beautiful yarns.

Three new beautiful Alpaca yarn!

Anemone. This was an inspired purchase.

Just beautiful color.

Love this color!!

25 Sep 2010

Done: Skein -- Rainbow love

So, remember that small skein I was making with pre-dyed roving? No... Well it is here. Anyways I let it sit on the toilet paper tube for about 3 weeks and then took it off and plyed it. After sitting that long I could have just kept it as a single because the twist had set by now. But, needing practice in plying I decided to go head and ply it pretty tightly with a lot of twist in it. I will set the twist soon and pray it works. Like most of my skeins I have no idea what I am going to do with it. (that will change very soon).

It is about fingering weight. When I get an WPI
thingy then I can say it a little bit better.

24 Sep 2010

Done: Skein -- Teal wonders

I have two 2-ply skeins and 1 single skein. I have to set the twist but I still have more roving! Geesh. All hand-spun on a drop spindle and the plying was a nightmare!

I know it looks blue but it has more of a green tint then this!

Alien eggs??

Nope these are chinese gelatinous rice balls filled with sesame seed and sugar. Before you gag, they taste just like reese cups!

21 Sep 2010

To go over-the-fold or not to?

Over-the-fold is a drafting technique that is mainly for spinning on a wheel, but through a lovely group on ravelry I found a video that shows the drop-spindle version. There are two ways to do this technique, from the center (more for spinning wheels) or from the end of the fold (for drop spindle). Being the non-conventional me, well I use the center one. It goes soo much faster! Now this isn't for everyone and to be honest I thought I would of had to give it up. The roving was misbehaving and balling up in my hand, but I have got the hang of it now and it has cut my time by 75%.

From one night to the next on my ball winder. You can see the yarn is more consistent.

Well... now you know I draw as well. But I am proud of the thickness of the single.

New Plant, is that my yarn holder?

So... yeah that is one of my yarn holders keeping my new plant warm! It is Sempervivum calcareum or Alpine Rosettes or House Leek. It is not Hen-and-Chicks, different genus, but works the same way.

Got this at the Farmer's Market! I love the purple tipped leaves.

You have what?! Amigurumi sized skeins!!!

Ok, my yarn shop has been hiding these from me! They are perfect size for those little Amigurumi projects! Drools, new shipment in next week. For those observant, yes this is the same company and yarn I have for my sock yarn.

Oh the possibilities! For my UK readers replace the quarter with a 10p to
gauge size. No comments on a 25c coin being the same as a 10p coin.


I bought some wonderful yarn for not only my Cacti project but also for personal enjoyment after I make the Cacti.

These are soo soft. You can't tell by the picture but you can see they are a
mix of angora and wool. Again I love supporting local artists!
This BEAUTIFUL yarn just is so soft and a great color!
Makes you want to reach out and touch it!

18 Sep 2010

Around the Internet: Episode 4 -- Weekend Edition Part 2

This episode will be without pictures but still in the same general format! These are website based only features.
  • Crochet Kitten -- This place is a hub of knowledge and GREAT place for beginners! Wish I had known about this when I first started out. I even still use it today!
  • Fiber Craft Studio -- This lovely school helps people near the NY area with spinning, dyeing, and other courses. They have a coming soon shop!
  • ASCII Art -- For those who are into text pictures!
  • Abigail's Crafts How-to -- Lovely how to craft website. TONS of information.
  • Fiber Cooperative -- HUGE shop full of roving and yarn! Drool.
  • Forest Fibres -- Lovely shop!

Around the Internet: Episode 4 -- Weekend Edition Part 1

This episode will be without pictures but still in the same general format! These are blog based only features.
  • Moonwood farm -- These people have a lovely farm and great fiber!
  • Susan in Stitches -- I fell in love with her top photo since I am a cat lover. (If you don't know that well... anyways). She has lovely free patterns and I will be using one with my new inspiration yarn!
  • Armina's Ami-Nails -- This is a sweet Amigurumi blog!
  • Attic 24 -- Very lovely blog with some good how-tos.

16 Sep 2010

WIP: Socks

My first sock yarn for socks!

I just bought a German-English dictionary! So I can read its directions now.
I bought the dictionary for a book i have to read not for the yarn ;)

Inspiration: Pink to Purple - Belle Epoque

This yarn speaks for itself.

This is wonderfully dyed yarn and each skein is different!

WIP: Hand warmers

It gets a bit chilly sometimes and my toes and fingers get really cold sitting at my desk. This is because of the breeze through my window (even when shut). So I put that green yarn to use finally!

One is done the other isn't yet finished. Easy hdc or htr stitch.
I have a thumb thing on there because it was still getting cold.

WIP: Alpaca or is it a Llama??

This is suppose to be a Llama, but it is an alpaca pattern with superfine alpaca yarn. So it is a Llama in Alpaca clothing (literally).

This is soo soft yarn. Look forward to making it!

WIP: Pumpkins Crochet-along

The small pumpkin did not turn out how I wanted it too... I will fix it in the next stage of things though!

Small pumpkin is odd in its shaping... but this works for what I have planned.

15 Sep 2010

Coming up in the week!

So another week has come and past! So many things still left undone and many projects to come. I have many exciting things to do this week!!

List for this week:
  • FROGGED: Crocheted Bag
    • Time to move on to idea number 4
  • Fuzzy Amigurumi
    • Still working on it
  • Some more spinning
  • WIP: Skeleton
    • Humerus 2 maybe?
  • Review of Let's Knit! Magazine -- Official subscription
  • WIP: Owl 
    • Still no embellishments
  • WIP: Pumpkin Patch for Crochet-along!
    • 1 large body and 1 small body done
    • 2 more small bodies to go
    • Embellishments needed
  • Website update
    • Still needs tweaking
  • WIP: Socks (New Yarn)
  • Inspiration Yarn
  • WIP: Alpaca (New Yarn)
  • WIP: Hand warmers
  • Weekend Edition of Around the Internet

14 Sep 2010


There is a lovely lampwork bead giveaway! Lampwork Diva is giving away some beads for her anniversary! They are just gorgeous! Why not enter?

She gives permission to use one of the pictures from her post.
But the image is still copyright to her.

10 Sep 2010

Done: Skein -- Dark Hippy

I think the name is the only way to describe these colors. Really pleased.

WIP: Spinning Lessons -- Single

This is the new single I am spinning. It is a nice teal wool.

Nice color. The second picture is more the real color. I had to diffuse my flash through a sprite bottle.

8 Sep 2010

WIP: Pumpkins Crochet-along

Doing up the lobes. This yarn isn't liking the tension I am putting on it.

Looks like a pumpkin to me... Won't look so real soon.

Food: Stuffed Peppers and Sweet Fried Noodles

Nice yellow pepper stuffed with steak, scallions, onions, chili powder, and garlic.
Fried in honey.

WIP: Scrap Ugly 1

The hair has been brushed out but not done yet. It is soo soft.

Coming up in the week!

So another week has come and past! So many things still left undone and many projects to come. This is the last week before I return to my studies. I do plan on a lot of traveling in the next year so hopefully I can fill my time finishing things off.

List for this week:
  • WIP: Crocheted Bag -- yeah I will work on it this week for sure
  • Fuzzy Amigurumi -- been working on a special idea
  • Some more dyeing and spinning
  • My food stuffs -- Stuffed peppers
  • WIP: Skeleton -- Now that I have my yarn wound properly it will be better going
  • Limoncello -- Officially done next Wednesday
  • Review of Let's Knit! Magazine -- Official subscription
  • WIP: Yarn Organizer -- 2 down, 10-15 more to go!
  • WIP: Hook & Accessory Organizer -- Eventually
  • WIP: Spinning Organizer -- Eventually
  • WIP: Owl -- Poor thing has no embellishments yet
  • WIP: Pumpkin Patch for Crochet-along! -- All I can say is this will be fuzzy family time...
  • Website update -- Yup I also maintain a website.
  • Scrap Ugly's Hair -- You are going to laugh.
  • And maybe much more! Never know where the week will take me!

7 Sep 2010

WIP: Pumpkins Crochet-along

There is a crochet-along going on! Are you a part of it? If not click on the pumpkin badge I have or you can click HERE. This is a great pattern and it is fun! The idea is to customize the pumpkin in your own style.

Here is the beautiful yarn I am using! Hand spun and dyed in Scotland.
Going to add this to my Ravelry account.

It is a fun thing to do and it is amigurumi based!

WIP: Spinning Lessons -- Skeins

This is hank 6, if I can count correctly. (1. green skein, 2&3. Tea skeins, and 4&5. Rainbow skeins). I have no idea what color this will turn out to be. I have learned from this that I prefer to dye my fiber first. It allows me to make a thinner yarn overall as you will see with my rainbow dyed to singles yarn later on.

Very variable yarn type. Undyed for now.

6 Sep 2010

Ball Winder

Royal Wool Winder -- Made in Japan.... All I can say is see for yourself the results!

Before, making a total mess! I had 5 of these.

After only 2 of them, but look at the difference!
I squeak with joy with this one!

Moving Out for Everyone Else

Last Friday (3rd of September), was the official moving out of my whole building unit (4 buildings in Mylne's Court). While there are about 8 of us left out of 300 people there was a LOT of trash. I got a multitude of stuff from my ex-flatmates. Today I finally got everything sorted again and am working on hand washing my laundry.

The loot I got from my ex-flatmates. However, this drove me insane until I got it organized today.

This is the 3rd trash load on Friday. So this doesn't include
the ones on Thursday nor on Saturday nor the 2 loads before
it. AND yes someone is throwing away a chair.
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