18 Oct 2010

Homecoming For Scottish Troops

I have been under the weather so I figured I would share the part of the parade I saw on Saturday (the 16th) and I have a small video at the end so you can hear the bagpipers!

If you don't know Edinburgh this is the HUB and they are on Johnson's Terrace.
You can see the bagpipers right? No?

Ahh, there we go. You know they still send bagpipers into battle?
The purple I believe is the regiment color and
 the ones not in purple are in the green and blue of the edinburgh kilt.

Look there are the troops!

Hopeless for a man in uniform...

Yep, they wear berets...

AND now for the video!

So that gives you a bit of an idea how loud it can get here. Don't get me wrong I LOVE parades but I DON'T LOVE when they are every hour in August. This one was quick and I feel a bit short.

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