31 Jul 2010


Well... I have been working on a new project but I don't know if I have enough yarn to complete it. I will put the pictures up soon of that and my Scarf of Doom. I have been cruising the blogging community for cool little inspirations and I will be updating more after Wednesday (hopefully when I turn in my Masters dissertation :X). Happy Crafting!

28 Jul 2010

WIP: Messed Up Frog

Ok still working on it. But this head is getting WAY too big. I made it smaller!

70 stitches!?

27 Jul 2010

WIP: Messed Up Frog

This is a new project I am working on: it is a frog but I do not have enough green so I have to modify the color pattern. I learned that if you use a larger hook when doing the magic ring for the first row then it is easier to do the next row in double crochet (dc or sc in the two styles).

This is me stared on the head!

Let's Get Lacy!

Alright, when one does Amigurumi, you think could it get any smaller? Yes, it can. I bought a book to help me learn lacy type crafts in order to do dresses and such for my little dolls. It is called Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet. Now, I am a LONG way off from using this book: I don't have the 2mm (size 4) hook nor the lacy yarn but I was trying to get ideas for later! It is really interesting if you like doily stuff or if you want to put those patterns in a completely unrelated use. Hope this inspires you!

26 Jul 2010

WIP: Yellow Dangle Ball

This dangle ball is my first in my Scrap Ugly series. It uses up the bits of yarn that are too small for me to use in projects.

Yea it isn't pretty but it isn't supposed to be pretty.

Using leftover yarn to make hair... this should become interesting.

25 Jul 2010

WIP: Scarf of Doom

My "Scarf of Doom" is coming along nicely. I watch TV on my computer while I work on it.

The scarf is coming along nicely and I have an idea on how to make it more interesting.

24 Jul 2010

Done: Valentine Bear!

I got my needles in and now have added a lovely heart to the bear so it is now done!

The little heart makes all the difference to the front!

Now she can enjoy Edinburgh!

23 Jul 2010

WIP? Valentine Bear!

I think I may have finished the bear for now, until I get my tapestry needles in the mail. I plan on adding a heart to the front.
That face took 4 tries to get right! Those safety eyes... man they are hard to get the washer to fit over them.
You can see it sits up by itself which is really cool. and I didn't do so badly on the arms.
I have no idea what that is on the bum, but I like to think of it as an offset tail.

22 Jul 2010

WIP: Valentine Bear!

I have been working hard on my Valentine Bear. Here is the rest of the process before it is done.

This is the body with all its rows!

This is the weird shape of the body.

This is the arm being crocheted and showing off my official stitch marker!

Here is me trying to sew up the head and body. I only had a yarn needle at this point. I was happy to get in my stuffing from the internet.
My first real go at seaming...

21 Jul 2010

WIP: Valentine Bear!

I am working on a valentine bear! I am using a pattern from Kyuuto book.

This the materials I am using for now. Yes I intentionally covered up most of the pattern.

The head is finished without stuffing or details
I am using a new stitch marker...

Here is how it looks... This is the body being started.

More to come later!

Eh? How do I attach them again?

I was looking through my new book: Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Amigurumi (see linked picture below) and it goes on about attaching body parts with a "whipstitch" or "overcast stitch." Well, it has been some years since I took sewing classes (13 years actually) and I only know the sewing version of these stitches. So I looked it up in another one of my new books: Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker (see linked picture below). However, the book only explained the common whipstitch, so I scoured the internet for the overcast stitch used in crochet. I am pleased to say I found both! But The Happy Hooker did help me with something else, the figure 8 to start the joining of two pieces of crochet. I got in 250g of polyfil today from Crafts4Kids. I didn't realize how much that would actually amount to since I am used to seeing the bag first. It should help me along my way to making more crafts!

Bought from Amazon.co.uk

Bought from k1yarns.co.uk

20 Jul 2010

Inspiration: Green Uruguay Yarn

I was shopping at my local shop in Edinburgh for yarn (K1yans on 89 West Bow) and I found this amazing yarn from Manos del Uruguay which is a blend of silk and merino. Something that is great it has hand written inside where and who dyed the yarn! It allows the rural women to have an income, so I bought it not knowing what I will do with it. I may make a floppy hat or a scarf. It may even appear in some amigurumi if I get a bit better at it.

Done: Frog Bookmark

I was flipping through the Let's Get Crafting Crochet Creative magazine (Aug 2010) and I found a pattern for a frog bookmark (pages 26-27) and decided to make that my first amigurumi project... Well, I think I still have a long way to go on this type of art. Done using the yarn provided and a way too big 5.50mm crochet hook (was also provided).

Also, in that issue was a wonderful amigurumi person. His blog is: WooWork.com. He is amazing and funny in his creations!

WIP: Yellow Dangle Ball

Oh what to do when you are faced with an amigurumi project gone really wrong? I made this yellow ball while trying to do something off pattern... I am now faced with what to do with it. I may add a face or a scene in embroidery. Or I even may crochet other parts to stick onto it. Done with yarn from a magazine and 3.50mm wooden crochet hook.

WIP: Scarf of Doom

This scarf has been worked and reworked since October 2009.  I have made it thinner and wider, with different type of row patterns. As that it is now July 2010, I need to finish it so I have gone with pearl one row, turn knit one row and repeat. I use circular metal needles as you can see. The yarn is from PoundSavers. I wanted to start off on yarn that I wouldn't mind messing up with a few times until I got back into my groove of knitting... Hopefully I will be getting more done soon!

New on the scene

This blog has been started to show my progression through the myriad of crafting projects that I indulge in daily. Most archived projects are on my website: Purple Photokitty which is my artwork website. This place is to show my WIP (works in progress) and interesting things I learn along the way... Enjoy.
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