28 Feb 2013

Crafting behind the scenes

I have a few things planned for the next week including my thoughts on broken rib knitting, a video cast, and a few updates on spinning and knitting!!! Please stay tuned because I am excited to get back in the groove of podcasting and blogging!!

OK so those in Edinburgh in March come down on the 16th of March for the first annual EDINBURGH YARN FESTIVAL!!!

Shameless plug, since I am one of the resident fibre artists/podcasters here I will be there almost all day but do not come to see me only! The line up is AMAZING and I hope to see everyone there and have a few fan girl moments of my own! (if you do not know what I look like click on the profile link, that's me!) Hope to see you there!

3 Feb 2013

Spinning Cross-Stitch Thread Single Ply

So I got this lovely fibre from Into the Whirled called "Bodhi" and it is 50/50 Merino and Silk. Yep thats 50% luscious merino and 50% perfectly prepared silk. So I split the fibre in half since I do not need 4oz of cross-stitch thread for the project I have in mind. Then I pulled them apart into smaller nests to be able to spin them fine, like I needed to, ITW's fibre prep is always amazing.

Simba thinks it was terribly exciting:

Ok so onward after  kicked him out of the chair.

So I had my Ashford Traveller on the smallest whirl and started spinning as fine as I wanted it. I knew it was going to be single ply so I just approximated the size I wanted.

I pulled it off the bobbin and onto my Niddy Noddy and washed it under tension and then sprayed some SOAK mixed with water on it to set the twist. REMEMBER: Silk means cold water ONLY!! Or you can kiss that lustre good-bye.

I do not worry about the over spun areas because of the cross-stitch it wont matter.

Simba?? You still awake?
Guess that's a no, and yes that's him hugging the duck in the previous picture.

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