29 Jul 2011

Episode 5: In HD

Show Notes
Logitech Webcam from Mom!!
Investment for the Future
Testing the Hypothesis
In the Lab, Centrifuging, Side Experiments, and  Raiding the Supply Closet
T-Shirt Yarn
Skeins Yellow Yarn -- TBS (to be sold)
Freyalyn Remnants -- TBS
Mom’s Colorway 1
Shropshire Roving -- TBS
Merino Roving -- TBS
Stitch Markers
Pink Polymer Clay Beads
Red/Brown/Black Alpaca Yarn
Stephen West KAL  August 1, 2011
Under the Microscope
 Crafty-logical Implications
Future Shop plans and me rushing before my computer ran out of memory!

20 Jul 2011

Episode 4: Can anyone say "Stash Enhancement?"

Show Notes
  1. Stash Enhancement -- Investment for the Future
  2. Yarn -- String Theory
    1. Dyeabolical Yarn
    2. BeaGin Design
    3. Keegan Lane Yarns
    4. Let’s Knit Magazine
    5. Fiberholics UK
      1. Crafty ‘n’ Clothy
      2. Calana Crafts
      3. The Wooly Impi
      4. The Laal Bear
      5. Colourful Designs
  1. Dyeing -- In the Lab
    1. Kool-Aid (For UK)
    2. George Weil
  2. Spinning -- Centrifuging
    1. Shunklies
    2. Greenwood Fiberworks
    3. North Star Alpacas
    4. Juno Fiber Arts
    5. Will O the Wisp Soap
    6. Highland Handmades
    7. Lanitium Ex Machina
    8. Handspinner.co.uk
    9. Fiberholics UK
      1. Laal Bear
      2. Skeins
      3. Freyalyn’s Hand-dyed Fibres
      4. Manda Crafts
  3. Cross-Stitch -- Crossing off the Data
    1. Herrschner’s
    2. Cross-Stitcher Magazine
  4. Other Crafts -- Side Experiments
    1. Fripperies and Bibelots
    2. Lixie Makes It
    3. The Craftystitcher
    4. Jewelry and Supplies
    5. In-Spin-Knit-y
  5. Conclusion -- Crafty-logical Implications
    1. Wings and Stitches
    2. North Star Alpacas

Blog it.

I have been working tirelessly to get my life back in order! I came back to about 30 packages needing to be opened. Then with the help of my lovely boyfriend I went to IKEA (twice) and got a storage system! Yup, I broke down and finally got it. It was £60 and I am quite chaffed that it works so well!! I quickly filled it and now I am still finding the little niches to put things into on a temporary basis. I didn't realize I would have 3 of my storage bins full of fibre (and overflowing with it). I have been spinning and trying to get things in a workable state.

I will be uploading a stash video later on today (hopefully if blip behaves) but its a long one (about an hour). Here is the teaser photo I put up on Plurk:

That's only half the packages...

I will be uploading more pics here soon and I will be doing my stash pictures for ravelry so I can keep track of the fibre and the yarn I have accumulated. Lots to do and I am intermingling it with my PhD paper that is due in October. 

Again I am part of the Plurk Podcaster Challenge. This is why I am doing all these major overhauls. There have been cobwebs growing in some places but I will be kicking it up a gear in the next few weeks to get it all revamped. Please be patient if sometimes my blog does weird things. I am trying to get blogger to behave to my will but alas it seems futile! Well, off to catch up on the podcasts I missed while my computer was on hiatus and do some actual work!

12 Jul 2011

Blog it.

Hey! I know I have only been updating with videos lately but seriously, I will be resuming my normal posting once I am back in Edinburgh. I will probably not get a new post out until Wednesday of next week but I am going to try and do some things on this coming saturday so I can put up some pictures!! I have many many pictures of my visit home (of course a lot of my animals). I have new things going on as well!! I will be working hard on my PhD through to my year end review in October. Also, I am doing the Plurk Podcaster Challenge (button on the sidebar)! Want to see me suffer? Join in and have a laugh as I and about 25 others do the bidding of our viewers!

Anyways, I was just popping in to say my Blog is having its anniversary on the 20th of July. It will be 1 year old!! In August my website turns 15! Yup, PurplePhotokitty.com has been out there for that long. If you know how old I am you will note I was a youngin' when I started. Its been really fun and I have exciting things planned for the near future including maybe my etsy shop actually having things in it!

Welp, that's it for now! Happy crafting!!

9 Jul 2011

Episode 4.5: Mini-Sode

This is the last one before I return to the UK and my normal blogging mode!

Show notes:
Fiber Trends Lacy Hat (check previous notes for link)
Swirl Shawl (check previous notes for link)
Slip on down hat
Southern Mystic Polworth (check previous notes for link)
Vashon Red-Brown Alpaca (check previous notes for link)
Skacel Merino Lace
Colorways Spun in 2012: A colorway = Every 2oz

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