29 Jan 2011

Kitty 5: Burn's Night

So here they celebrate Burn's Night. Pretty much they do it whichever day they want but it does actually fall on the 25th of January. Well... For all those temptations out there here is a kitty to hark back to traditions!

You may be thinking, no she didn't, she couldn't have... I did! It is a
WW kitty in a kilt!

Complete with a clasp.... and yes this kitty is like all true scots wearing kilts
(if you don't get the reference I am sorry this is a family safe blog)

Fuzzy Tail!! Well I didn't want to do the normal tail, it seemed a bit off.
So I made a pompom then fluffed it out with my pet slicker!

I do realize the buckle is on the "wrong side" but to tell you when I made the
kilt the kitty was facing the other way. Bad kitty.

At this angle it looks like it is hiding in this kilt rather then wearing it!

Close up of the eyelet and clasp I put on the kilt.

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