1 Feb 2011

WIP and Done: Autumn Dreams

So I have been quiet lately. I have been rather busy with dating and trying to catch up on some sleep. We have construction going on in the stores below so that is not helping anything. However, I have been spinning at night and trolling the Ebay auctions during the day. I have missed out on 5 spinning wheels in the last 3 weeks and my parents were questioning me highly on what I wanted in a spinning wheel when I was at home. It made me want one more then ever! I came home and looked at my HUGE stash of fibre and my heart sank slightly. I have my Yak silvery blend and my bats from Rogue Adventures were staring at me. So I started spinning both but now that has all come to halt!

Why? Because my parents have generously donated me some money to buy my own spinning wheel!! What kind did I get? Well... I will let you know on Thursday when it arrives! I am not the type to giggle but I did, many many times when I got off the phone from the lovely lady at Handspinner.co.uk (Shiela Dixon). If you visit her site you will know I got some kind of Ashford, but that is all I am saying!

Ok so why is the post labelled as a WIP and Done: Autumn Dreams? Because, I have spun a lot of the October colorway from Rogue Adventures. I was trolling the internet, well youtube, looking up my new spinning wheel and there is a video on how to use a ball winder with your spinning wheel. Then using the center pull ball to ply on the spinning wheel. Well, wanted to give the technique a try I plied some of my spun yarn using this technique with my spindolyn. I did not do all of it, nor have spun all the roving.

That is the WIP:
This is the single I spun on the spindolyn! It will be plied on the wheel!
Weight: 23g

Now for the Done:
Nice reddish hue with yellow and brown accents!

Up close pictures of parts of the yarn.

My little skein. If it looks this good on from the Spindolyn who knows
how great it will look from the wheel!! Can't wait!
Weight: 15g
Length: I am getting in a niddy noddy as well so I will be able to tell you
sometime next week.

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