7 Feb 2011

Deliveries! Fibre and Wax

It snowed here today. SNOWED! But I got a nice welcome in my mailbox. Two deliveries in one day AND another on its way tomorrow!

Yup, I wonder what this HUGE tub of wax is for...
Looks over at Julie... My niddy noddy is Aaron so it gets some too.

Now for the Fibreholics small sampler I bought the other day!

Another fine sample from MandaCrafts.co.uk. This one is as you can read: Space-dyed Falkland. I am not sure what "Space-Dyed" is but it is beautiful!

Extremely excited about this one! It has Bamboo and Merino. And you did see that right it is called Snail on a Mushroom! From the lovely www.thewhorlsend.co.uk.

Isn't this just uplifting as a colorway! Sweet peas is a great name for it! Superfine Merino 100s (70%) and Silk top (30%). If only the screen had touch you could feel how gorgeous this is going to be to work with. From the wonderful www.colourfuldesigns.co.uk

From Myheartexposed.co.uk, another repeat seller, comes this beautiful MHE Corriedale!

I am looking forward to this one... Superwash merino... Yes anyone who has read my blog knows I said never again! But maybe my spinning wheel will be just the answer for it! And her Gothick colorway is just too tempting. www.freyalyn.blogspot.com

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