28 Jan 2013

You need to do what now?

So I am a participant in the Stashdown 2013 Group on Ravelry. I love it! I have decided that moving has stirred me into action. So it is not a yarn diet or a fibre diet, it is a saving up to move back to the USA (and being a poor student with bills beyond belief over here) diet. Mr. Native Farmer will be here in 10 days and that should help a lot. You might be thinking... now two people on the same budget equals less money but it doesn't because buying in bulk here is a very successful way to save money. I cannot personally justify buying 3 packs of 1lb hamburger for £5 but with him here it seems a better option. Anyhoo, that is not why you are on here is it??

Simba has been helping with my afghan blanket.

My Knitting Goddess January Mini-Skeins

Roast Beef sandwich with cheese, miracle whip and The Engine Shed roll!!

Simba is like What the duck else??

Oh yes! Another Lined beanie for Mr. Native Farmer. This one is stripes!!

15 Jan 2013

A little bit of fun

I have been very busy lately BUT my knitting and spinning has not suffered! If you want to see any of this in person look out for the episode coming up this weekend!!

I finished Mr. Native Farmer's socks in 4 days!! Hand-spun and hand-knit wool and alpaca socks to keep him warm here in Edinburgh.

 As I mentioned, Simba has been poorly since last Thursday. Happy to report he is doing just fine now and is back to his good old mischievous self.

Simba was like, do you see the snow??

 Or maybe he was smelling the package from American Soda that my mother sent me!! YAY!! Presents!

 Our tiny dusting of snow!!

And today:
I got a package from the United States!! It has actually been in Edinburgh since December 28th... But since Mr. Native Farmer forgot to put my Flat number on it they said they couldn't deliver it...

Inside was my Christmas presents: Gloves, a carved squirrel, a necklace, Hershey's Cocoa, and... well the last "and" is a surprise!!

 Oh and there was a hoodie in that smelled like wood smoke of my LBFs house!!

Now for Spinning:

This is my spinning is from HilltopCloud.co.uk. It is 60% Shetland, 30% Merino, 10% Seacell.

Simba says: What about the other things you have been knitting??

 If you haven't guessed my LBFs real name is Dana, I made him a cowl so you can see who it belongs to FROM SPACE!!

He likes Ninja Turtles Donatello:

Being my first colorwork for real, it was way too small. So I steeked it and add a tunisian crochet knit stitch panel. It made a great fix up and now its nice and warm!!

This pile is Still light... Still working on the same section.

 Well that is me for now! I hope to be doing some more PhD stuff, yay... I have a meeting with my Second Advisor tomorrow and now that I got the house cleaned (Simba had a leaking problem so everything had to be cleaned every day for 4 days straight) I can work my bum off! Well off for now to do some work!

14 Jan 2013

A slight delay

I am going to update the blog and podcast shortly (later this week for the podcast but sooner for the blog) because I have had some issues with my poor kitty Simba. We have hopefully gotten it resolved but I have been in a flux state of watching him, cleaning the flat almost every 2 hours, and not sleeping. Hopefully, things have now settled back down and I have loads of lovelies to talk about and to show you. For now I have a meeting on Wednesday for my PhD and I have still some things to prepare so I hope you all have a great week and I will be podcasting soon and do a blog post within a few days!!

5 Jan 2013

Ok let's get crazy!

I know that New Year Resolutions are the "thing" but I do have wants and goals for 2013. I do have some exciting news I just can't wait to share but that won't be until months down the road and so I have to resolve myself by doing a bit of enabling and some general hints.

The List:

  1. I will be moving back to the USA for a cheaply as possible come August.
  2. I will be moving a very unhappy kitty and trying not to get killed by said kitty to the USA come August.
  3. I will be going back with my new boyfriend, Mr. Native Farmer.
  4. Mr. Native Farmer will be coming on his first plane ride EVER to Scotland for 6 months!!
  5. I will lose 20lbs, I did it last year and so I will do it this year.
  6. I will make sure my house is kept in a much neater state then its current present state (yeah mmhmm).
  7. I will try to endeavour to do the list below but the list above are absolutes.
The Crafting List (the one I will change and probably crumple and throw away in a month):
  1. I will try and spin ALL my fibre before leaving in August...
  2. I will finish the cross stitch lap afghan
  3. I will finish other cross stitch patterns
  4. I have a Ravelry queue and I need to use it!
    1. Shipwreck Shawl
    2. Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock
    3. Bubble Afghan
    4. Joris
    5. Why Knot
    6. Starbuck
    7. Enchanted French Traveling Cape
    8. As You Wish
    9. Easy Folded Poncho
    10. Encircled
    11. Callahan Cabled Blanket
    12. Thinking of Waves
    13. Weave it!
    14. Reversible Baby Blanket
    15. Cats in Hats
    16. Kelp Forest Shawl
    17. Donuts Hoodie
    18. Plain and Simple Pullover
  5. Do all the other projects I have started and need to finish!
  6. Knit with my hand-spun
  7. Sell some scarves made form said hand-spun
  8. Weaving projects
  9. Year of Stash Something and Stash Down 2013 and Knitting Blooms stash downs when they happen.
  10. Have tons of fun!

3 Jan 2013

Is it safe to come out yet?

I know the New Year passed and we are beginning at the beginning again. I don't know if anyone realizes that I never post on a Holiday, about a Holiday. Due to this blog being public and open to all kinds of readers I try to cater to as many as possible by just ignoring them all. Boxing day and Burn's Night are specifically UK holidays, so are St. Andrew's Day (which is important to both Scotland and Students) and Hogmanay (which is Scottish New Years). Plus I have my views on all Holidays as do we all so I would rather post after the hype has died down a bit.

That being said, I love the Hype about Craftsy. Ok, so I was on it when the classes were like $49.99 each with no coupon codes and there were about 10 classes. Yup, I have been on it since the beginning, I have no idea how I found it but I have been in love since. Secondly, I heard about Cooperative Press back when they did their first book! Now a bit later the two have magically merge for me at least (they are not affiliated with each other as far as I know). The first book I ever bought from CP was Extreme Double Knitting... and I see it in the Craftsy line up. I look up to make sure it is him and it is!!!! I had to sign up, screw coupon codes or % off sales, just not how I roll with this one. Let me just say, I love you Alasdair Post-Quinn! You can tell from many classes I actually have on Craftsy that I just love the teaching style of all the instructors. Go check it out ;) and nope no coupon code from me, I just wanted to mention it out of the kindness of my own heart.

Source: craftsy.com via Kelly on Pinterest

So I hope to post soon about those elusive goals I will never be keeping and wish you a great January!
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