5 Jan 2013

Ok let's get crazy!

I know that New Year Resolutions are the "thing" but I do have wants and goals for 2013. I do have some exciting news I just can't wait to share but that won't be until months down the road and so I have to resolve myself by doing a bit of enabling and some general hints.

The List:

  1. I will be moving back to the USA for a cheaply as possible come August.
  2. I will be moving a very unhappy kitty and trying not to get killed by said kitty to the USA come August.
  3. I will be going back with my new boyfriend, Mr. Native Farmer.
  4. Mr. Native Farmer will be coming on his first plane ride EVER to Scotland for 6 months!!
  5. I will lose 20lbs, I did it last year and so I will do it this year.
  6. I will make sure my house is kept in a much neater state then its current present state (yeah mmhmm).
  7. I will try to endeavour to do the list below but the list above are absolutes.
The Crafting List (the one I will change and probably crumple and throw away in a month):
  1. I will try and spin ALL my fibre before leaving in August...
  2. I will finish the cross stitch lap afghan
  3. I will finish other cross stitch patterns
  4. I have a Ravelry queue and I need to use it!
    1. Shipwreck Shawl
    2. Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock
    3. Bubble Afghan
    4. Joris
    5. Why Knot
    6. Starbuck
    7. Enchanted French Traveling Cape
    8. As You Wish
    9. Easy Folded Poncho
    10. Encircled
    11. Callahan Cabled Blanket
    12. Thinking of Waves
    13. Weave it!
    14. Reversible Baby Blanket
    15. Cats in Hats
    16. Kelp Forest Shawl
    17. Donuts Hoodie
    18. Plain and Simple Pullover
  5. Do all the other projects I have started and need to finish!
  6. Knit with my hand-spun
  7. Sell some scarves made form said hand-spun
  8. Weaving projects
  9. Year of Stash Something and Stash Down 2013 and Knitting Blooms stash downs when they happen.
  10. Have tons of fun!

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