28 Sept 2011

Spinning -- Picture Heavy!

Let us start with the fibre from the Fibreholics bag. You may need to get a cup of tea/coffee/alcoholic beverage to view all of this!

Samples from Skeins always make me a happy bunny!!

Merino/Bleached Tussah Silk is just so squishy!!

 Spinning a Yarn... Go get it now... really so soft!!

 My Heart Exposed is always reliable in its quality!

 Freyalyn's, all I can say is yummy.

Fondant Fibre has some excellent wool choices that are different from the norm.

The Whorle's End really out did themselves with this one!!

HillTop Cloud, consistant and beyond lovely!

Sparkleduck was a new one for me and it will be bought in the future! 

Manda Crafts has won my heart over!

 Oh Laal Bear I want to just go up to your shop and fall to the floor in love.

Oh did I mention a new spindle? From Pig Tales Spindles??

Ok, so scotch tensioning is AMAZING!!!

On the Bobbin:

Off the bobbin:

Behind the scenes!

So what does it look like for a small time seller before they open their shop? Chaos and some really funny moments:

Not all of these are for sale but some in there
are going to be in the shop soon!!

No shower for a few hours...

New batch of beads.

Little look of behind the scenes, hope you enjoyed!

27 Sept 2011

Tee-Shirt Bag

This bag I made from my LB's old tee shirt and my new sewing machine!

25 Sept 2011

Episode 13: Scotch Tension

Show Notes
Investment for the Future
Scrumptious Lace by Fyberspates.com
String Theory
Bf’s teeshirt bag -- first sewed bag!!
Scotch Tensioning! 
Fiberholics Samples -- I will link the actual places when I get them all plyed!
Testing the Hypothesis
10 Row Lace Chunky Scarf
HEXIPUFFS -- *cough* I mean hexipuffs....
Crafty-logical Implications
Enjoy my podcasting goofs for this week since my computer ate my ending!

18 Sept 2011

Episode 12: I am deep in the Mini-Skeins

  1. Introduction
    1. Plurk Podcaster Challenge -- Viking Bag and Strap
      1. Go Vote!!
    2. Helios Fountain
  2. Stash Enhancement -- Investment for the Future
    1. Knitting Goddess
    2. Hilltop Cloud
  3. Dyeing -- In the Lab
    1. Shropshire Logwood Dye -- TBS
    2. Merino Dark Purple -- TBS
    3. Merino Burgundy 
    4. Wool Yarn
  4. Finished Objects -- Null Accepted
    1. Riptides Hat -- That would be X-Mas gift not birthday present.
  5. Spinning -- Centrifuging
    1. Silk from Juno Fibre Arts
    2. Hilltop Cloud Spindle Spun Sample
  6. Conclusion -- Crafty-logical Implications

14 Sept 2011

Spinning and Logwood Dyeing!

Before getting extremely ill, in which I am much better after some antibiotics, I did some spinning and natural dyeing using logwood! So here are some of the results!

This is the original batt of Angora, Alpaca, Mohair, Merino, and Firestar! From: NorthStarAlpacas
Their description of the batt:
Alpaca from fawn Polaris, white Tom, and rosegray Vinnie in Gratiot County, Michigan
Angora from Saphirre who lives in Alma, Michigan 
Merino from Genopalette on Etsy 
Mohair from FroggyFibers -http://www.etsy.com/shop/froggyfibers 
Firestar from WildHare Studio -http://www.etsy.com/shop/wildhare

Here is the single from the two batts I had bought.

Sampler from HilltopCloud. I have some spindle spun from this but I will put them
together once I have everything plyed!

Early B-day present from my LBF!! Plus two more bobbins!
 Logwood Dyeing Experiments:

Logwood Dyeing Experiments:
Top Left: British Shropshire with Alum Mordant
Bottom Left: Pink Extra-fine Merino with Alum Mordant
Middle: 100% mystery Wool lace-weight yarn with Alum Mordant
Right: Red Extra-fine Merino with Vinegar and 2nd dye-bath

The pink in the centre and the red at the bottom are the merinos I used!
From the Red Merino to a Burgundy color
From the Pink Merino to a Lovely Rich Royal Purple!

From a beige yarn to a almost brown purple!

This is the Shropshire I have been using as of late!
About time I would say!
So from the off white to this lovely dark purple! 
So, what happens when alum doesn't bind with the fibre?
Well it would have been this blue spot color!
This is the only one I have found so far...

So that's it for now! I had a blast trying out Logwood dyeing and doing some more spinning!
Colorways Spun in 2012: A colorway = Every 2oz

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