5 Sep 2010

WIP: Wall Organizer

This is why I do WIPs. I change my mind so many times that I tend to forget my original ideas. I have scrapped (or frogged) my first idea. I didn't even start on my second idea, but got inspiration from it. I was going to do do a nice pocket organizer but I didn't like the stitches used in it. So, what did I do? I went back to my Amigurumi background and made a BIG in the round pouch with a hanging idea from the pocket organizer. I plan on making more pouches and putting them together. Good thing about this design is it is expandable. Then I will do a crochet hook and knitting needle organizer with an add-on accessory organizer. Lastly I will do a panel for my spinning stuff. This will use up a lot of yarn I admit. But eh, it is a growing project. That is also what Pound Saver is for ;-).

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