20 Dec 2011

I think I may have an issue...

I thought I would share my semi-stash, it has been added to since this photograph and this DOES NOT include my fibre stash which I wouldn't even dare take a picture of and show to anyone...

It is not as bad as some I know, at least it still fits on the bed easily... The BOX of mini-skeins is to the left unseen which is about 50ish mini-skeins...

I have decided to photograph and document my entire stash. Not out of guilt but I need to use it! 2012 will be a year of stash down. If I run out of yarn (unlikely) then I can buy more! You see that Green blob and a shiny pile behind?? That my Wollmeise! lol. Enjoy the enabling erm... I mean picture of my stash ;)

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