31 Jan 2012


Pork chop with crackling and mashed potatoes with a dripping gravy!

Cookies, Chocolate Almond Milk and Scones to go with the Clotted Cream!

Butterscotch cookies!

 So Yummy scones!!

Very easy Chocolate Almond Milk

27 Jan 2012


I am having a sale of a few items in my big cartel shop to make way for new exciting things!

18 Jan 2012


I have made 2 separate smoothies, whole wheat bread, and vegetarian lasagne!!

Stash Down Update for Mid-January


  1. Knit from current stash from before January 1, 2012
  2. Keep record of stash accurately each month
  3. Can be knit, crocheted, spun, tatted, woven act as long as it uses stash
  4. Spinning will add to existing stash numbers but will be noted how much it takes up so its a “floating amount aka WATER WEIGHT”
  5. Knit from Queue, favorites, books, magazines
  6. Organize binder of patterns
  7. Create a new binder for FINISHED projects so I can look back on what I have done
  8. MOST IMPORTANT: Have as much fun as possible

Knit/Crochet WIPs:
TC Entrelac Hand-Spun Afghan out of my hand-spun
Scarf for LBF -- Bulky
Hitchhiker using Wollmeise -- Petit Poison Nr. 5
Citron 1 using Malabrigo -- Cadmium 7
Citron 2 using Malabrigo -- Loro Barranquero 176
Critron using Wollmeise Lace Garn -- Feldmaus (not a misspelling that’s the crocheted version)
Tunisian Sampler Afghan out of left overs from some special projects (and some of that “unique” yarn you get in Let’s Knit Magazine)
Tunisian Mitered Throw (Yeah, I know I know) using the mini-skeins
Ostrich Feather Fandango using Schoppel-Wolle Lace -- Fuchsienbeet 1536
HUGO the Mini-Monster -- Wollmeise and Opal Mini-Skein 
Knit/Crochet DONE:

Weaving WIP:

Weaving DONE:

Spinning WIP:
Spinning DONE:
Greenwood Fiberworks "Bountiful" Merino 
Camel/Colorimetry South American Lustre Wool 
Fibernymph Dyeworks "Hijinx"

The BIG Numbers:
Total Yards Need to Knit/Crochet/Weave in 2012: 25590.9 yds
Total Yards Knitted/Crocheted/Wove to date: 394.4 yds

Total Yards Spun: 207.45 yds plied, 543.15 yds singles
Total Weight of Fibre Used: 193g, 6.81oz

Weeks Left: 50 weeks 
Per week to get to 50% of stash: 504 yds

Episode 29: Episode of One

12 Jan 2012


Snuggles Info at Yarnivore

Recap of my Animals:
Sprinkles RIP at 17yrs
Socks RIP at 17.5 yrs
Lineman RIP at 7 yrs

Current Animals:
DC 13ish yrs
Betsy 12ish yrs
Gretchen 8-10ish yrs
Satch, Aeo, and Priscilla 7 yrs (siblings)
Sarah Beth 4ish yrs
Momma cat 2yrs
George and Gracie 0.75 yrs (siblings)
McCullough, Anne, and Lloyd 0.25 yrs (siblings)

Ruppert almost 3yrs (his birthday is coming up soon)
Willow almost 2yrs (she is almost 1yr and a month younger then Ruppert)

8 Jan 2012

Episode 28: Gonna be a Fast one

Show Notes
Investment for the Future
ITW Fiber Club
Dye Spin Knit UK
Knitting Goddess
Colorimetry and Camel
Hijinx -- Fibernymph
Testing the Hypothesis
Blossomy Scarf
Crafty-logical Implications

1 Jan 2012

Episode 27: New Year

Show Notes
Investment for the Future
Origin Yarn -- Baby Alpaga -- Berger de France
Berger de France -- Baby yarn
Rumba net yarn
Testing the Hypothesis
TC Mitered Square Blanket
Crafty-logical Implications
Slide show!!!

Into the new year

My first post into the new year is not resolutions or goals but it is to remind everyone to take a deep breath. Just breathe and everything will sort itself out.

There will be a podcast coming out later today with a few separate clips and a slide show with commentary. I will also have some small sections of works in progress and stash enhancement. I will list my goals and show what 2012 will entail. If you follow me then you know some of my plans but I do also have a life beyond knitting and it is not my bread and butter so I will explain some things about me. I hope everyone's New Years was great and that everyone is safe and sound in bed! Coming from the home of the largest street party in the world all I can say is that I am glad I am warm and safe in my bed.

Well, time for bed for me so I can get my podcast out later this morning! I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented or emailed me over these last few months. I podcast for you, and because I love to talk. Here is to another year of growing together!
Colorways Spun in 2012: A colorway = Every 2oz

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