12 Jan 2012


Snuggles Info at Yarnivore

Recap of my Animals:
Sprinkles RIP at 17yrs
Socks RIP at 17.5 yrs
Lineman RIP at 7 yrs

Current Animals:
DC 13ish yrs
Betsy 12ish yrs
Gretchen 8-10ish yrs
Satch, Aeo, and Priscilla 7 yrs (siblings)
Sarah Beth 4ish yrs
Momma cat 2yrs
George and Gracie 0.75 yrs (siblings)
McCullough, Anne, and Lloyd 0.25 yrs (siblings)

Ruppert almost 3yrs (his birthday is coming up soon)
Willow almost 2yrs (she is almost 1yr and a month younger then Ruppert)

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