28 Nov 2012

Moving on up....

I am in the middle of moving flats, sorry for the radio quiet. I am going to have an episode out on Wednesday of next week. Thank you all for patience as I try to wrangle this podcast back into shape.

25 Nov 2012

SHOP Update!!

Long awaited shop update with all items on sale until Friday 30th of November!!

Ceaberry's Haberdashery

9 Nov 2012

While you wait for the next episode....

I am currently editing the episode I made on Wednesday. There have been a few technical difficulties and my PhD does come before all else it seems these days. 

HOWEVER, I will show you little snippets of my life in the last erm three weeks since I have been home.

Week 1: Dyeing... LOADS of it. If you are in the Edinburgh area check out Kathy's Knits since my yarn is now sold there!!

The Great Pumpkin on my Scaredy Cat Base

Onward to getting back into normal routines after coming back... Now boyfriendless after 20 months....

The Royal Botanic Gardens always lift my spirits!

It may be grey but I just love this view from the Gateway Restaurant!!

Yummy afternoon tea just puts everything right with the world.

Week 2: Halloween anyone??
Me down about 30lbs! And my new Halloween Shirt.

Simba enjoying the Halloween.

My last Afghan Square for the KGASS 2012.

Farmer's Market...

To the Grassmarket

And the Edinburgh Castle.

Onward to the Grassmarket.



Simba enjoying the new bed arrangement.

Really, really enjoying it.

Ok, he is enjoying it more then me now...
 Week 3: Hexipuffing....

Knitting Goddess mini-skein set.

New room arrangement.

Other side.
More Hexipuffing....

Some spinning:


Lastly the Still Light:

There we go, what I have been doing these last three weeks!!

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