10 Aug 2010

Coming up in the week!

Sometimes I think I just write this blog for my own amusement... Well, that is actually true. I share with anyone who passes by the little things that fill my time up with pleasure and joy. If just one of my creations or things I find on the internet or out shopping put a smile on your face then it is well worth it.
That being said, I will solider on and plan what may be coming up in the next few days.

1. Another Amigurumi project... Maybe a few more jelly fishes (obsessed with their cuteness).
2. Around the Internet: Episode 2
3. Blog it.
4. Yellow Dangle Ball's new hair
5. Maybe include some of my past creations, I am not all about crochet and knitting.
6. Looking into drop spinning and hand dying wool... (A passion I have had for some time now).

I know it is a laundry list (even though my own laundry is atrocious). I have about 40 blogs and RSS feeds I follow so I am constantly "starring" them for later review and possibly ending up in my Around the Internet episodes. I have a bunch of free time now that my Master's Dissertation is done and I hope my crafting can increase for a bit until I have to start on my PhD.

Hopefully you are enjoying crafting and if there are any blogs you want me to look at or anything fun just post a comment.

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