2 Sep 2010

Oh My Gosh, Moment.

Do you ever have one of those moments, you merrily buy something thinking you're getting a good deal. Then you receive it and just looking at the packaging you know you have bit off more then you could chew? Well I got some wool for a fairly great price. I am not sure if I just don't know how much 225g of wool is, but it was a lot LESS then it is in reality. Good for me, I got more then I thought but it was soo much more I had a OMG moment. In the package was a second package that says 200 grams for free! Which I hope it means that I got my second order for free shipping. Since it looks an awful lot like my second order. If it isn't my second order then I am going to be set for the rest of the year in wool. Geesh.

This is Shropshire wool undyed, about 225gr bought from Wooltops Ebay Store. This is a great store and it is the first time I can say my wool smells like sheep. It is inevitable it would and for some reason I find it better that it does (it is not the bad smell of sheep but that farm smell).

This is Extra Fine Merino Wool Sliver Tops dyed, (RED, PINK, BLUE, BRIGHT YELLOW, GREEN, LILAC, FUSHIA, BURNT ORANGE), about 225gr bought from Wooltops Ebay Store. This was my second buy... or so I think it is... I have to contact the dealer to make sure. (I am hoping they meant free shipping).

EDIT: I spoke with the dealer and he added 200 gr to my original 2 orders. So I have about 500g. Phew.

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