21 Sep 2010

To go over-the-fold or not to?

Over-the-fold is a drafting technique that is mainly for spinning on a wheel, but through a lovely group on ravelry I found a video that shows the drop-spindle version. There are two ways to do this technique, from the center (more for spinning wheels) or from the end of the fold (for drop spindle). Being the non-conventional me, well I use the center one. It goes soo much faster! Now this isn't for everyone and to be honest I thought I would of had to give it up. The roving was misbehaving and balling up in my hand, but I have got the hang of it now and it has cut my time by 75%.

From one night to the next on my ball winder. You can see the yarn is more consistent.

Well... now you know I draw as well. But I am proud of the thickness of the single.

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