18 Jun 2013

Bunnies, dust and angora...

I have been working hard to make my crafting room the way I want it. It is really hard in a house where you have to get rid of more stuff than your actually planning on putting in it to be able to make it as clean as possible. So I am cleaning out all the dust bunnies in the back porch as I am thinking of how to setup my space for crafting and my business.

As for the angoras they are all doing well. Pictures will be up later tonight on Ceaberry's Haberdashery blog since we are still getting them situated. They will be on my next videocast at the weekend.
So for now I can tell you we have FOUR new bunnies that have made it to the ranch: Cinna-Bun, a fawn buck; Honey-Bun, a black doe; Audrey, a chocolate agouti doe; and Sandy, an ermine or a chocolate pearl doe. All are settling in and we have new cages on their way tonight so pictures to come soon! These are all French angora bunnies and they are beyond soft and cute!

I will be doing a new videocast soon so check back later in the week for that!

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