12 Jun 2013

Settling in

I hope that my silence hasn't worried anyone. We made it to the USA safe and sound and mostly intact.
To recap what the last 12 days has been like:

  1. Simba actually got loose from the cargo hold, but was rescued by Mr. Native Farmer. I had to go to A&E (the ER room to the people in the USA) due to the nasty bites that were inflicted on me by my scared kitty. He made it on the plane and made it to the USA, they lost his paperwork so I had to wait but we finally got my traumatised kitty. He is settling in nicely and hopefully him and Mouse can become friends... Right at the moment they are tolerating each other.
  2. We made it with few bumps and bruises and quickly got sick once we got back so we are both recovering from colds. My stuff made it without harm to the USA. We got MARRIED on the 7th of June!!
  3. We are moving out a bunch of stuff from his parents out of this house. Let me tell you, some things should not be undertaken lightly and moving out over 50 years worth of hoarding is one of them. We just now got the kitchen cleaned out. Next is the back porch where my stuff and business will be going. Then it is the basement... there are jars under there that are from the 80s (that's 30 year old canned goods). 
  4. This Sunday (the 16th of June) we are going up the Abounding Farm in PA to got get some angora rabbits!
  5. The updates for the shop will be at: Ceaberry's Haberdashery. The farm updates will be at: Circle 4 Ranch. You can find me at the places linked on the side bar!

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