1 Jan 2012

Into the new year

My first post into the new year is not resolutions or goals but it is to remind everyone to take a deep breath. Just breathe and everything will sort itself out.

There will be a podcast coming out later today with a few separate clips and a slide show with commentary. I will also have some small sections of works in progress and stash enhancement. I will list my goals and show what 2012 will entail. If you follow me then you know some of my plans but I do also have a life beyond knitting and it is not my bread and butter so I will explain some things about me. I hope everyone's New Years was great and that everyone is safe and sound in bed! Coming from the home of the largest street party in the world all I can say is that I am glad I am warm and safe in my bed.

Well, time for bed for me so I can get my podcast out later this morning! I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented or emailed me over these last few months. I podcast for you, and because I love to talk. Here is to another year of growing together!

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