12 Oct 2011

Knitting Blooms Stash Down (KBSD 2011)

I have entered myself into a stash down from Knitting Blooms! I have imposed a new "yarn/fibre diet" until this stash gets under control! The stash down is for knitting and crochet but I will be posting here my spinning as well!!

So let's get started shall we?

Rules from Knitting Blooms:
Knit or crochet with stash that was acquired before October 8th 2011 (that means in your house not bought before that date!)
Gifts/Charity are x2 the yardage
You need to knit/crochet 6000 yards before December 31 2011
Spinning is not included but you may use hand-spun done BEFORE October 8th 2011
You may include yards that you destash... Although I have yarn on my podcast I am giving away it was never part of my stash, nor is any yarn/fibre I put up for my shop so this won't be a category for me!

Known WIPs:
Simplicity Socks (x2 gift bonus): I shall weigh the yarn left later.
Hexipuffs: This is great since I had just finished one on the 7th!
Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Blanket out of my hand-spun (anything spun up after October 8th will not count): To-date from Rainbow-itis to ?? -- 200 yards

My added spinning stash down:

How is spinning going to work?
Finished yarn only! It must be plyed, it must be washed, it must be dry. And it must be on Ravelry (if there was no photo then it didn't happen... right?)

Nothing as of yet. Those samples from Greenwood Fiberworks are in my vision!

Running Totals:
Knit/Crochet: 200 yards
Gift Knit/Crochet: 0
Spinning: 0

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