24 Oct 2011

Trip to Isle of Arran and GSOY

Sherbey and Frank are excited to go to the Isle of Arran...
Too bad this was the WRONG train... We got on one eventually but missed the ferry!! We caught a later one.

We are at Androssan South Beach! Playing around waiting for the ferry!

Playing around on the Ferry!

View of the Isle of Arran from the ferry!

Knitting on the ferry! Those are the Simplicity Socks.

This is the Glasgow School of Yarn!! We were in the Mackintosh Church at Queen's Cross!
I did not take many pictures here but Stephen West was there and it was his birthday at well!!

Yummy Full English breakfast anyone?

Afternoon tea at the Tea Rooms in Glasgow!
Can i just say now: It is £11.50 p/p and it is WORTH IT!

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