23 Nov 2010

Done: Red Bobble Hat

So... I made this hat for my mother! I started it and finished it in one day. It is a simple bobble (puff stitch) hat with a headband of ribbed stitch. I had many fun things with this hat, from decreasing in hook size, to decreasing with the puff stitch, to redoing a too large head AFTER the piece was finished. Enjoy!

I decreased the hook size as I went along. I started with a 6.5 and went down to a 3.5 hook. Then increased it to a 6.5 in the last few rows of bobbles and I did a decrease in the puff stitch by skipping 1 ch-1 space until the end. I ended with 1 puff stitch at the top which does not show the “last round” of the hat.
I had made the headband too big for my mom’s head. So after the project is done I took out the rows in the headband, the puff stitches stay in place surprisingly. I took out over 12 rows! then I sewed it back together and sewed the puff stitches that were loose on the wrong side and with the slouchy style of the hat it hides the alteration completely.
So if you need to to alterations it is possible and it isnt too hard!

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