28 Sep 2011

Spinning -- Picture Heavy!

Let us start with the fibre from the Fibreholics bag. You may need to get a cup of tea/coffee/alcoholic beverage to view all of this!

Samples from Skeins always make me a happy bunny!!

Merino/Bleached Tussah Silk is just so squishy!!

 Spinning a Yarn... Go get it now... really so soft!!

 My Heart Exposed is always reliable in its quality!

 Freyalyn's, all I can say is yummy.

Fondant Fibre has some excellent wool choices that are different from the norm.

The Whorle's End really out did themselves with this one!!

HillTop Cloud, consistant and beyond lovely!

Sparkleduck was a new one for me and it will be bought in the future! 

Manda Crafts has won my heart over!

 Oh Laal Bear I want to just go up to your shop and fall to the floor in love.

Oh did I mention a new spindle? From Pig Tales Spindles??

Ok, so scotch tensioning is AMAZING!!!

On the Bobbin:

Off the bobbin:

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