2 Oct 2011

Episode 14: Time to get back to knitting!

Show Notes
  1. Investment for the Future
    1. Desert Vista Dyeworks
    2. Lilacs and Lace
    3. Mother Bear Project
  2. In the Lab aka Side Experiments
    1. Bee Backpack Keychain
    2. Bee Stitch Markers
    3. Triangle Polymer Clay Beads
  3. Testing the Hypothesis
    1. TARDIS Kindle Case
    2. Simplicity Socks
  4. Null Accepted
    1. Yup I left the redo of the section in there... I can hear the laughter now...
    2. Oven Mitt
    3. Chunky Scarf
  5. Under the Microscope
    1. PUSH Stitchery
    2. Compendium of Sewing

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