1 Jan 2011

Kitty 1: Ring in the New Year

Time to admit how much I weigh (in kg) to the internet world. My weight loss for 5% is 108kg, for 10% it is 105kg. My first Weight Watcher's goal is 106kg then 100kg and we shall see from there what I feel is my next weight goal.

I survived my Mexican New Year and I am not too ashamed of how it turned out. I did not break the bank. I get soo many points I have trouble eating enough. That sounds strange for a diet doesn't it? Well that's because WWs is not a diet, it isn't a fad, nor is it a quick fix. As you go down in weight your points you get go down as well (not by very much I must say). Anyways, let's see the kitty!

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?! Look at that cute crocheted hat.
Happy New Years!

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