1 Jan 2011

Cheers to the New Year!

I am never one to say good-bye so I will say Hola, to one of the worse days to start Weight Watchers! But hey, we all live in the real world. Today is Mexican New Years for my family. My total daily points will probably be gone by lunch and I will feel awful tonight with Mexican running through my veins but oh well. I started WWs to get my eating under control. What better day then to see how bad it can really get in one day. How far over you can go at your worse. It may surprise you how much it doesn't even though you are trying to make it go over.

I am going to be crocheting little dust kittens to mark my progression through this year and today I will put a picture up of the first one! 
I plan to use them to mark my achievements, and each kitty will get smaller when I do. The number stitches at its widest part will equal my weight in kg. (That is a bit more then the original pattern). I plan on using embroidery, some other amigurumi techniques, and a little bit of creativity to show what each one means to me. i.e. for trying a new veggie I would have one with that veggie in mini form or for losing certain amount of kgs I plan to stitch the lost amount on the kitty. I can only imagine that through the year I will find creative ways to showcase the good, and sometimes hard parts of dieting, but I believe in looking at the positive in life so the kitties for the low points will be encouragement kitties.
I have in my stash a “mini skein army” as I call it and I have been saving them up for this project. When I saw the dust kitten pattern (Ravelry) from Itsy Bitsy Spider Crochet I knew it would be perfect for the task. I am in this weight loss with the support of my parents and a good friend who will all be doing WWs and a normal dieting and exercise routine, but I am doing the UK version while they will be doing the USA version. Since my blog is updated with other creations I plan on updating with a kitty at least once a week. I will be starting on the 1st of January (with my friends starting on the 11th).
I love crocheting amigurumi, so I figured this would be a way for me to see my progress and feel good about my weight loss. I am doing this for health reasons, not for vanity (personally, I like my body but I know I am overweight). My first few kitties will include my starting one, one with those rocker shoes (the ones that tone while you walk), and a “say good bye to soda and hello to tea.” I will be making a special badge for this to go on my blog’s front page to be linked back to IBSC during this next year.
I know this will be an exciting adventure and I know these kittens will make it more enjoyable, because when I will look at them I will know what I have accomplished. They will also be featured on my WWs blog to help others, since there is a crochet and knitting group on there.

To a wonderful year ahead! Cheers!

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