28 Jan 2013

You need to do what now?

So I am a participant in the Stashdown 2013 Group on Ravelry. I love it! I have decided that moving has stirred me into action. So it is not a yarn diet or a fibre diet, it is a saving up to move back to the USA (and being a poor student with bills beyond belief over here) diet. Mr. Native Farmer will be here in 10 days and that should help a lot. You might be thinking... now two people on the same budget equals less money but it doesn't because buying in bulk here is a very successful way to save money. I cannot personally justify buying 3 packs of 1lb hamburger for £5 but with him here it seems a better option. Anyhoo, that is not why you are on here is it??

Simba has been helping with my afghan blanket.

My Knitting Goddess January Mini-Skeins

Roast Beef sandwich with cheese, miracle whip and The Engine Shed roll!!

Simba is like What the duck else??

Oh yes! Another Lined beanie for Mr. Native Farmer. This one is stripes!!

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