3 Feb 2013

Spinning Cross-Stitch Thread Single Ply

So I got this lovely fibre from Into the Whirled called "Bodhi" and it is 50/50 Merino and Silk. Yep thats 50% luscious merino and 50% perfectly prepared silk. So I split the fibre in half since I do not need 4oz of cross-stitch thread for the project I have in mind. Then I pulled them apart into smaller nests to be able to spin them fine, like I needed to, ITW's fibre prep is always amazing.

Simba thinks it was terribly exciting:

Ok so onward after  kicked him out of the chair.

So I had my Ashford Traveller on the smallest whirl and started spinning as fine as I wanted it. I knew it was going to be single ply so I just approximated the size I wanted.

I pulled it off the bobbin and onto my Niddy Noddy and washed it under tension and then sprayed some SOAK mixed with water on it to set the twist. REMEMBER: Silk means cold water ONLY!! Or you can kiss that lustre good-bye.

I do not worry about the over spun areas because of the cross-stitch it wont matter.

Simba?? You still awake?
Guess that's a no, and yes that's him hugging the duck in the previous picture.

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