21 Dec 2010

Inspiration: Alpaca Andean Child Poncho!

So, I was reading in the new InterWeave E-Mag SpinKnit about the Andean knitting techniques. Since it seems the BEST book for this is out of print I am guessing how to do it the way they do. This project is for a friend who will have a 2 year old by the time I am finished with my poncho... The pattern only goes up to 18months... If ANYONE reads this, and happens to have a face circumference and chest width and length of a 2 year old that would be awesome. The closest pattern I could get is 2.99 and well... I really don't want to pay for a pattern I probably wont use. The pattern I am using comes with the SpinKnit E-Mag.

So... Since I really can't spin that much yarn, well if I have any hope of finishing this before next christmas (or at my rate of spinning 3 christmases from now lol)  I bought pure Alpaca yarn. Matter of fact it is Artesano yarn. *Gasp, Artesano in the USA? You may ask* Yup, from OnePlanet Yarn and Fiber. The only online seller in the USA according to Aretsano's website, well it maybe listed as such but I bet there are a few out there.

Here is the lovely box. The yarn was wrapped in blue tissue paper in a clear bag. That was tied with ribbon. It was soo cute!

Lots of Artesano Inca Cloud goodness!
All of these are natural Alpaca colors! It is what the pattern called for in this case.

FYI if you have a business card and I order from you, it will be displayed
and I keep them all on my cork board. I go back to seller's again and again.

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