12 Jul 2011

Blog it.

Hey! I know I have only been updating with videos lately but seriously, I will be resuming my normal posting once I am back in Edinburgh. I will probably not get a new post out until Wednesday of next week but I am going to try and do some things on this coming saturday so I can put up some pictures!! I have many many pictures of my visit home (of course a lot of my animals). I have new things going on as well!! I will be working hard on my PhD through to my year end review in October. Also, I am doing the Plurk Podcaster Challenge (button on the sidebar)! Want to see me suffer? Join in and have a laugh as I and about 25 others do the bidding of our viewers!

Anyways, I was just popping in to say my Blog is having its anniversary on the 20th of July. It will be 1 year old!! In August my website turns 15! Yup, PurplePhotokitty.com has been out there for that long. If you know how old I am you will note I was a youngin' when I started. Its been really fun and I have exciting things planned for the near future including maybe my etsy shop actually having things in it!

Welp, that's it for now! Happy crafting!!

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