20 Jul 2011

Blog it.

I have been working tirelessly to get my life back in order! I came back to about 30 packages needing to be opened. Then with the help of my lovely boyfriend I went to IKEA (twice) and got a storage system! Yup, I broke down and finally got it. It was £60 and I am quite chaffed that it works so well!! I quickly filled it and now I am still finding the little niches to put things into on a temporary basis. I didn't realize I would have 3 of my storage bins full of fibre (and overflowing with it). I have been spinning and trying to get things in a workable state.

I will be uploading a stash video later on today (hopefully if blip behaves) but its a long one (about an hour). Here is the teaser photo I put up on Plurk:

That's only half the packages...

I will be uploading more pics here soon and I will be doing my stash pictures for ravelry so I can keep track of the fibre and the yarn I have accumulated. Lots to do and I am intermingling it with my PhD paper that is due in October. 

Again I am part of the Plurk Podcaster Challenge. This is why I am doing all these major overhauls. There have been cobwebs growing in some places but I will be kicking it up a gear in the next few weeks to get it all revamped. Please be patient if sometimes my blog does weird things. I am trying to get blogger to behave to my will but alas it seems futile! Well, off to catch up on the podcasts I missed while my computer was on hiatus and do some actual work!

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