6 Feb 2011

Delays expected and To dos.

I was waiting on a package for the kitty for this week, I am still waiting for it. It will be in on Tuesday so I will post the kitty then! I have not made my weight loss goal as of yet but with all this junk food (well being taken out on dates) I have not been keeping to my WWs points strictly enough (I have not gone over board I just need to switch back to my original plan). The 115kg limit is a hard one to break, last time it took me over 2 months of walking 60 min a day to finally get myself below that mark then the weight just falls off until I am 105kg. I am blaming myself for this one but I will be kicking it up a notch. Get myself over that sticking weight. I do not get discouraged very easily.

Oh, I was wondering the other day how many points I could claim for doing spinning... I am not sure what kind of exercise it is like...

My spinning wheel's name is now Julie. Yup, I was walking down the stairs of my building and it came to me. It looks like a Julie.

Enough of that, now onto my hopeful To-Do list:

  1. Set the twist for my yarn I have spun (about 200yds)
  2. Ply my smaller skeins and balls I have put off
  3. Read the spinning wheel sections of my books (so excited).
  4. Crochet kitty for tuesday and next saturday
  5. Update Ravelry
  6. Make a proper wheel bag (I will be posting my first failed attempt)
  7. Update with projects I have done and not mentioned yet
  8. I see shawls, bags, scarves, and more amigurumis in my future
  9. Work on border collie amigurumi
  10. Stash busting -- both of fibre and yarn -- If you can fill a big Build-A-Bear bag with yarn, you have too much yarn for student accommodation. Also, if you look at your fibre and go I forgot I had that, you have way too much fibre for such a small space.
Some may wonder if I do plan on selling my yarn I make. To be honest, I know its luxury or art yarn to have thick and thin places but I wouldn't feel right selling my first few attempts. Also, I am trying to find a bag style I like to sell, maybe some scarves as well. I have been working on my own amigurumi patterns for sale as well.

However, I am a full time PhD student and I do these crafts in my spare time (which will become a lot less in the next few months), so I do actually have to sleep sometime. Probably, later in the year I may feel brave enough to setup a shop. I have before done things I wouldn't think anyone wanted, but one drawing of mine has proven otherwise (its appeal was hidden because someone saw something more into the shape of a pitcher then I had intended). I am one of those crafters who think "who on earth would want to buy anything I make?" You'de be surprised, there are many people in this world and there is something for everyone!

Phew, normally I don't put so much personal commentary in posts but I feel sometimes it is needed. But of course I am a picture person too!
What you talkin' 'bout Willis?
This is Sarah Beth.

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