15 Oct 2010

~Weekend Fun~

So on top of all of the stuff coming up this week I have a few more projects in the works. If you are a person I have promised a gift to PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. For all you other people who nicely read my blog, enjoy the rest of this post!

First is that little alpaca I have been working on:
Fuzzy Wuzzy was an Alpaca?

Second, another scarf but made for my friend for christmas:
Now I am not a fan of pink but I LOVE this cotton candy looking skein!

Third, I will be making wrist warmers for my mother and a bear for a friend out of this yarn:
I have TWO of these! So Beautiful!

Fourth, I will be making something special with this yarn (HINT: I use a french knitting doll):
I hope this will make a beautiful addition to the piece I have in mind for it!

Lastly, I have this new beautiful yarn that I will use with the yarn above in a project yet to be determined:
So beautiful! Yes I do realize they look different, they do so in person too.

I love the name: Corryvreckan Blue

I will doing an inventory of all my hooks, needles, and fun things. I will take off my stash yarn since it is on my ravelry page and in my Flickr photos!

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