8 Oct 2010

Coming up in the week!

So I have been doing a lot of things lately, being behind in my updating (as you may have noticed if you are subscribed by RSS feed).  My PhD will kick off on Monday where I will measure (well remeasure) my bone collection #1. Why you don't know I study bones? It is called Human Osteoarchaeology. Some people may have "problems" with me studying human remains. Please note: We treat all human remains ethically and follow all procedures to make sure they are treated with respect. At no time do we forget these were human beings (and sometimes animals they had around them). Trust me even when we want to forget we can not forget.

Phew, that said, let's get on with the fun things! So this week there are projects starting (besides the ones already begun) and hopefully a few ending. I am working on two christmas gifts that must remain secret until they have been given to the person but I will hint at them, but no pictures.

Something I MUST mention: Planet June's Accessories by June Gilbank. You will see one of her new accessories on my In-progress list very soon. You can see three of her designs on my list already (the Alpaca and the TWO Cacti projects). I have a ferret pattern too.... And well the detail stuffing tool works, here stitch markers are my favorites and she just came out with an IDIOTs GUIDE TO AMIGURUMI. Phew. One amazing person and so nice!

So what are my fingers itching to put up on Ravelry as a work in progress?? A new scarf using the Belle Epoque Yarn:

Next up will be ANOTHER scarf using the new alpaca yarn I got:
I love the two colors together!

Next are two window draft protectors (or extruders as they are called in the UK) using my Scappa yarn!

After of course I finish the baby kitty pumpkin ;-)

If that wasn't enough my two christmas gifts: The Alpaca in-progress and the Mystery Mom gift in my progress bars on the side of my blog. You can see the Alpaca beginnings but only update I can give now is that I am about 40% done.

Think that is all? We shall see. I have to get a 4.5mm hook and I need to get pellets for my window draft stoppers.

Where has my spinning gone? Not gone yet!! In all this I hope to get all my teal roving done and start on other things. 

And dyeing?? Well I have that alpaca to dye... what color... what color?!?! I am so torn because I LOVE this yarn:

So am I completely insane? Why yes, I am a proud member of that group. But, why so many projects? Let's just say 11 hour plane ride and 5 hour car ride home coming up in November. I am starting a few crochet projects because I am ADHD (again not proven by medicine) and I need multiple projects to keep me well entertained. This trip I leave 4am UK time and arrive same day 1pm USA time. That my dear friends is a 29 hour day! I need to stay away for most of the trip to fight the jet lag. I have been napping in the afternoon to correlate when I get on the plane and when we are fed on the plane... I do travel way too much. I am going home for a mental break from seclusion and being in a non-animal zone. I LOVE animals and being without them really pulls down my mood after a while. When I went home last many bad things (as well as good) happened but I hope this trip will bring me happiness and a renewal of my student visa! 

Hope the weekend allows you to find something fun to do and joyous moments!!

Lastly, a new toy has come to my stash:

Oh yes! A pom pom maker!!

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