15 Sep 2010

Coming up in the week!

So another week has come and past! So many things still left undone and many projects to come. I have many exciting things to do this week!!

List for this week:
  • FROGGED: Crocheted Bag
    • Time to move on to idea number 4
  • Fuzzy Amigurumi
    • Still working on it
  • Some more spinning
  • WIP: Skeleton
    • Humerus 2 maybe?
  • Review of Let's Knit! Magazine -- Official subscription
  • WIP: Owl 
    • Still no embellishments
  • WIP: Pumpkin Patch for Crochet-along!
    • 1 large body and 1 small body done
    • 2 more small bodies to go
    • Embellishments needed
  • Website update
    • Still needs tweaking
  • WIP: Socks (New Yarn)
  • Inspiration Yarn
  • WIP: Alpaca (New Yarn)
  • WIP: Hand warmers
  • Weekend Edition of Around the Internet

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